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Whisky Marketing School

Wizard Academy just became the first school in the world to certify whisky sommeliers.

We work with small business owners to turn their restaurant or bar into a destination for whisky aficionados.

We work with whisky industry reps or distilleries to teach them how to create engaging events that tell their stories.

In 5 classes across 2 years, we train people to become the most admired whisky experts in the world.

We limit each class to 12 students so that the experience is personal and exhaustive.

Want to know more?


We Believe

On October 12, 2015, Roy wrote a really wonderful Memo entitled “Your Customer Is Not Your Friend“. If you haven’t read it, you should.


I’ll wait.

Okay, now that you’ve read it, you’ll remember that he mentioned a video entitled “We Believe” where he would explains to implement the advice of Frances Frei andSimon Sinek.

You are getting the chance to see this private video because you are an Alumnus of Wizard Academy.

And for that, we are forever grateful.

-VC Daniel Whittington

Dean Rotbart

Dean Rotbart is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, and reputation coach. He advises Fortune 500 CEOs, senior communications executives, business owners, professionals, authors, and a wide array of small businesses and charities on strategies to raise their local, national, and global visibility.

Dean is the originator of a series of training workshops, including Newsroom Confidential, Buzz Snatching, and Reputation Tool Chest. He has served on the faculty of the Wizard Academy for more than a decade and was previously a member of the Academy’s board.

Dean and his wife Talya are the founders of, a popular service that provides in-depth dossiers on the world’s most influential journalists and bloggers. Dean and Talya live in Denver with their two young-adult children, Maxwell and Avital.

Thought Particles for Cognoscenti

This is a gift of resources and knowledge for the Cognoscenti of Wizard Academy.

Click the link below to download the digital package that includes the audio version of Thought Particles along with graphics and resources.

Digital Download of Thought Particles by Roy Williams

What are you getting?

Thought Particles unveiling the Wizard’s theories on how thoughts are assembled in the mind from stored sensory associations.

Properly used, this knowledge will allow you to deepen perception and heighten interest in all your attempts at visual and auditory messaging. Useful neurological insights will also be detailed, such as the differences between Working Memory, Declarative Memory and Procedural Memory and how you can access each to achieve better communication.

63min 8sec MP3
Computer Illustrations
64 page PDF

Photo Page for Photographer’s Round Table 4-2015

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Lost Boys

If you’ve found this page, it’s because you’ve been given the link via special invitation! You have three options:

1. You can use the Paypal button below to donate the full $15,000 to become one of the 18 Lost Boys!


2. If you are opting to make automated installment payments towards being a  part of the Lost Boys, you can use this button!


3. And finally, this button allows you to make a donation of whatever number you choose towards the Lost Boys.

Steinbeck’s 100

You’re officially in. You are one of Steinbeck’s 100.

Next summer we’ll hang out, eat good food, drink wine and admire the completely awesome thing we banded together to create.

I’ll email you later to keep you updated on the progress!

VC Daniel Whittington