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Let's Rebuild America 
How Things Get Done in Politics: Local, State and National

A Free Course.

Taught by David K. Rehr, Ph.D.

We originally priced this class at $1,200. I've heard David's presentation and it's valuable. Much more valuable than $1,200. Too valuable, in fact, to charge for it at all. I don't know whether David is a Democrat or a Republican and after you spend a day with him, you won't know either. And you won't care. David has no plans to run for public office. None. But he does want to change America. Do you?

We want you to come, but you need to register so we know how much food to buy. We're asking the people who want to spend 2 nights in Engelbrecht House to contribute $200 for that privilege. Our plan is to use the $2,800 (14 rooms x $200) to buy lunch and dinner for everyone who attends.

Small people complain and then do nothing. Do something. Come. Your thoughts, your ideas, your energy count. This is America.

Listen to David Rehr for a day. Pay attention. When you leave the room, you'll know exactly how to make politicians listen to you and take seriously what you have to say.

Few people on earth know as much about getting things done in Washington as David Rehr.  If you're part of an organization that's affected by government decisions - in other words, if you live or do business in the United States - you definitely want to be in Austin on Tuesday, October 26. 

David talks mostly about how to get things done on a national level, but he assures us, "These same techniques work even better at the state and local levels." In other words, let David teach you how to ride a Harley and that little Suzuki you need to learn to ride will seem easy by comparison.

You. You're the one. If you don't do it, it won't get done.

David Rehr is an amazing speaker. We're honored to be able to include him in our adjunct faculty. The future changes when you come to this class. Come. Change the future.

This 1-day course is FREE to everyone, and just $200 for those who would like a room in Engelbrecht House for 1 day and 2 nights. The pulldown menu on this page gives you both options - Free and $200.  Register online or call Kristin during business hours to register by phone. 512-295-5700. Even though it's free, we need to know you're coming. We really do need a headcount.

If you're not yet an Acadgrad, this is a fabulous opportunity to become one. Attend this free course and you'll be registered as an official graduate, with all the entitlements and discounts that come with that distinction.

Course Outline, October 26:
10 Minutes -- Common misconceptions about power, politics, and the Capital
30 Minutes -- The climate and culture of Washington, D.C.
45 Minutes -- How interest groups, unions and business organizations use advocacy tools.
30 Minutes -- How to define an issue to gain advantage over your adversaries. Examples and analysis.


45 Minutes --  Congress, the Administration, and political parties. The reality of D.C. 
30 Minutes --  Tales of present and past:  How policy was or wasn't changed.
30 Minutes --  9 Tips for Success in Washington
30 Minutes --  Questions from the floor

What to Expect From This Course:
1.  A no-nonsense look at how Washington operates and how to maneuver successfully in the nation’s capital.
2.  Fundamental understanding of what tools lobbyists use to advance/block public policy initiatives.
3.  How to help your company/industry succeed in Washington, D.C.

Provided to Participants by Instructor:
1.    Notebook on subjects/materials discussed during the course.
2.    Copies of articles and lists for additional reading.
3.    Examples of marketing materials used in legislative/regulatory campaigns – good and bad examples for discussion and guidance.

Get the Wizard's opinion of David Rehr in the Monday Morning Memo of June 1, 2009

David Rehr has been a Washington insider for over twenty years.  He joined the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in 2005 and recently announced his resignation.  At the NAB, Rehr was a fierce advocate for radio and television broadcasters, meeting with policymakers and testifying before Congress on issues that impact radio and television stations.  Rehr has also been an advocate for innovation and advancement in the broadcast business, spearheading a multimillion dollar technology advocacy program for broadcasting, leading the industry’s DTV transition campaign and promoting Radio 2020, an initiative that will ensure radio’s value is recognized well into the future.
Prior to taking the helm at NAB, Rehr was president of the National Beer Wholesalers Association. Under his leadership, NBWA’s visibility in the advocacy community soared, and that association became ranked as one of the top ten most influential lobbying organizations by Fortune magazine. With more than 25 years of experience on Capitol Hill and in the lobbying community, Rehr is an outspoken advocate for entrepreneurs and small business before the federal government.

Rehr, who has a doctorate in economics from George Mason University, has been named to Washington Life magazine’s Power 100 list, and is listed as a Top Association Lobbyist by one of Congress’ “must read” publications, The Hill. He has also been featured in Beachum’s Guide to Key Lobbyists, and has been named one of the top 20 most influential people in radio by Radio Ink magazine.

Rehr serves on several boards, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the George Washington Graduate School of Political Management, and Saint John’s University. 

The course begins at 8:30am. Class ends around 6:00 PM each day. (It can go later depending on the level of participation from the class.) Lunch and Dinner are included.


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