Wizard Academy?

Were you wondering about the origin of our name? 🙂
Just as the ancient wise-ards followed a star to Bethlehem because they believed it would lead them to something wonderful, modern wise-ards – business people – follow the guiding lights of their hopes and dreams.

  1. Evocative landscape, architecture, statues, artifacts and art help to make Wizard Academy a year-round “summer camp for grown-ups.”
  2. This whimsical, magical environment – combined with classes and workshops that expand both heart and mind – restore curiosity, creative thinking, and a sense of wonder in our students.
  3. Wizard Academy teaches the communication arts* with an emphasis on advertising and marketing.
  4. Our goal is to help people achieve their objectives, goals, and dreams. We turn weaknesses into strengths, struggles into victories, little companies into big ones.

This campus was built without debt by hundreds of appreciative students who achieved success through what they learned here.

Most of our classes are 2 days/3 nights or 3 days/4 nights. We teach big things quickly.

* the communication arts include speaking (sales presentations and speeches,) writing (ads, information, business books, screenplays, and novels,) music, painting, photography, etc.

Questions? Email Daniel@WizardAcademy.org or call us at (737) 262-5023. We’re in the Central Time Zone…

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