About Us

Wizard Academy® is a nontraditional business school. The faculty of Wizard Academy studies what gifted people do when they’re feeling inspired so we can reverse engineer their unconscious methods. We teach you how to do consciouslywhat a gifted person does unconsciously.

Tell us what you’re trying to make happen and we’ll teach you exactly how to get it done. Our track record, frankly, is impressive.

Q: How is a nontraditional business school different?

A: We recognize the value of intuition.

Traditional business schools teach you to wait until all the data is available.
We teach you how to make the right decision before all the data is available.

The big fish are no longer eating the little fish. The fast fish are eating the slow.
We teach you how to be the fast fish.

Our curriculum is multi-layered, led by some of the most accomplished instructors in America, Canada, Britain and Australia.

We improve the results of advertisers, architects, artists, authors, businesspeople, educators, entrepreneurs, inventors, journalists, ministers, musicians, salespeople and speech writers.

Not surprisingly, we attract a lot of internet innovators along the way.

“Education either functions
(1.) as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or
(2.) it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.” – Paulo Freire

Wizard Academy is an incubator for new techniques in education. One of the many challenges we have embraced is that of developing a better system for educating school-age children. One of our board members, Jodie Gateman, heads a trailblazing school in Calgrary, Alberta, Canada that’s pioneering highly effective techniques in education.

Founded in 2000, the Academy has produced a fraternity of alumni who are leaving their fingerprints all over the planet. Freire would be proud.

People come here because they want to make things different, they want to get things done. And they’ve seen that yesterday’s methods aren’t working anymore.

You’re going to like it here.

And the people you’ll meet are amazing. Dreamers, all.

Above: A two-minute glimpse into the heart of Don Quixote,
the mascot of Wizard Academy.

Dear Roy,

I assume this will reach you; I don’t have any other e-mail address for you.

Well, it has been a week now since my visit to the Wizard Academy, and I am finally able to catch my breath. I mean that in more ways than one. I had so many things waiting for me that I’ve been busier than ever this last week. I also mean that I’m really only now beginning to understand and appreciate all you did in your Magical Worlds seminar. First of all, you are a great teacher, a natural, and that is rare enough in itself. I think your unique combination of Don Quixote, neuroscience, chaos theory, and aesthetics is quite extraordinary. Your lesson in stylistics—Frank and Hemmingway vs. Monet and Kerouac—was simply brilliant, the sort of thing that few literary scholars could do. The ads the participants wrote at the end of the session ranged from competent to brilliant, and all of them were made even better by your critiques.

I thank you profoundly for the way you accepted me into the group and made me feel a part of the program. And I am absolutely convinced that Cervantes would be very appreciative of what you and your colleagues, especially Dean Rotbart, want to do in his name. I’m proud to be a part of it.

We’re packing our suitcases now in order to leave tomorrow for a week in Miami with our oldest daughter. It will be very nice to be able to get out of town during this Spring Break and just relax for a while. I’m not taking my computer with me, and only four books of relatively easy reading. The semester and the administrative burden I’ve taken on end early in May. I can’t wait to get back to writing on cognitive science and Cervantes.

Again, thanks to you and all your staff for everything.

Until next time,

Dr. Howard Mancing
Purdue University

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