There are two ways that you can enjoy the beautifully furnished rooms on the Wizard Academy campus.

1. Classes

Rooms on campus are free, and assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis to students signing up to attend a class at Wizard Academy. We have 14 rooms at Engelbrecht, and 4 at Spence Manor.

2. Private  Academies / Meetings

If you schedule your own private event or class, you can fill up the 18 rooms available on campus at your own discretion. You can choose who gets to stay in Engelbrecht or Spence, and you decide who gets which rooms.


All the rooms on our campus are furnished with comfortable queen beds, have access to bathrooms with basic items like towels, hair dryers, etc, and are close to a completely stocked, shared kitchen.

During classes or events, we stock the kitchens with a variety of breakfast items as well as coffee, teas, beer, wine, and water. These are available to you as needed during your stay with us.

If you are lucky enough to get a room on campus, you can check into your room the night before an event starts, and you can stay until the morning after class ends.

Oh yeah….. 

…Still reading? Remember when I said there were two ways to stay in these amazing rooms? There’s actually a third way…..

With a minimum donation of $5,000, you achieve “major donor” status at Wizard Academy. Apart from making you one of the people enabling us to carry on our mission for the small business entrepreneurs of the world, you also get a few perks.

One of those perks is that our on campus housing is now available to you anytime that you’re in Austin. As long as we’re not using it for a class or an event, and with enough notice, you are free to stay here instead of booking a hotel next time you’re in Austin.

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