Spence Manor

Spence Manor is our 4 bedroom home just up the hill from Engelbrecht House. During classes, we offer the rooms (for free) on a first-come, first-serve basis after Engelbrecht House fills up.

Just like Engelbrecht, it follows the “Retreat Rules” of on-campus housing.

In addition to student housing, we offer Spence Manor to groups who would like to use it out for small, more intimate meetings than what currently happens during a class session. If you would like use of Spence Manor for your class, you can choose to have one of our instructors speak, or you can provide your own official speaker in addition to one of ours.

Your class can be for one or more days, and it includes use of the 4 bedrooms (as well as rooms at Engelbrecht as needed), use of the kitchen, and meals provided.

For more information, contact Daniel Whittington at daniel@wizardacademy.org or 512.720.8801

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