Adrian Van Zelfden

Eugene Adrian Van Zelfden, Jr. is jointly licensed as both a Certified Public Accountant and Attorney, actively practicing in Austin, Texas in both fields since 1979.  Adrian is an Eagle Scout, a Distinguished Honor Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy graduate and, a graduate of Case Western Reserve Law School. Adrian’s loyal following of diverse business owner clients frequently remark about his friendly, easy-to-understand, insightful approaches to complicated business ownership and asset protection issues.

A prolific writer and much-sought-after presenter and trainer, Adrian’s latest work in softbound book format, Fearless Business Ownership……How to Build your Business and Protect your Assets, (coauthored with Laura Fowler and John G. Pearce)  is the culmination of a lifetime of experience counseling with business owners in every imaginable field of endeavor. From the food cart vendor to the multinational ad agency, Adrian’s delightful observations about his clients’ hopes and dreams and fears, describe the issues of and solutions to taxation, risk management, litigation, asset protection and fear in terms everyone can understand and embrace. Adrian says his clients of the last three decades are all the heroes of his book…with all the names changed of course!  Published and distributed by North Publishing Company. Go to:  and order a copy today.


Fearless Business OwnershipFEARLESS BUSINESS OWNERSHIP by Adrian Van Zelfden, Laura Sanders Fowler and John G. Pearce

If you are a business owner and you can read only one book this year, Fearless Business Ownership is that book! Written by two practicing attorney-CPA’s and a trial lawyer who have all successfully solved many problems faced by business owners. The authors have also owned and managed successful businesses themselves. Fearless Business Ownership empowers its readers to go forth and operate…WITHOUT FEAR!