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Manley Miller

Manley Miller was given the nickname “Spiritual Tupac” by NBA All Star guard Jrue Holiday. A pastor, teacher, chaplain, leader, and innovation specialist, Manley is often complimented for being one of the funniest pastors on a ministry platform.  His irreverent and insightful approach to breaking down bible teachings combined with his relentless vulnerability and honesty has built a mega church full of people who never thought a church could be relevant to them. 

Manley began his ministry efforts in the year 2001 at Celebration Church in his hometown of New Orleans. Since then he has served in every ministry position from Janitor to Senior Leadership.

He currently serves as Pastor of Celebration Church Kenner which he launched in 2014. The congregation has experienced 400% growth since inception and currently serves more than 2000 people on a weekly basis. Manley also leads the innovation efforts for all 11 of Celebration Church’s bi-lingual campuses. providing executive level leadership for information technology, production technology, creative, printing, media, design, advertising and video production.

Manley has been the chaplain for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans since 2011 and the radio host for the daily show Face-2-Face.  He served in Disaster ministry following Hurricane Katrina providing key leadership to Celebration Church’s Disaster relief center which was one of the largest disaster relief and housing centers on the Gulf Coast. 

Manley has also had success in a number of unrelated fields including being awarded for his graphic design, dancing, and journalism. He even received a 27th place ribbon for a swim meet when he was 10 years old. 

Manley and his wife Dana met at Celebration Church where all four of the children have been dedicated and currently serve in ministry. Their first date was to a Starbucks where Dana said, “I don’t know if you know my dad’s story, but he was addicted to crack!” Manley replied, “Well…my mother was addicted to cocaine.” They high-fived across the table and have been best friends ever since. 

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Rex Williams

Rex Williams has captained Sunpop for 13+ years, specializing in online video even during the dial-up era. A goofy jerk who insists on enjoying his job(s). Video Producer. Director. Editor. Inventor. Geek Extraordinaire. He’s produced thousands of videos with organizations of every shape and size. Artists and Fortune 500 companies. Celebrities and plumbers. Authors and Olympians. His unique techniques and patent pending tools support a single mission. To help non video professionals make better videos.

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss has been called one of the world’s leading digital marketers by Shark Tank star, Daymond John. A best selling author, founder of multiple companies collectively employing hundreds around the globe, and one of the most dynamic speakers on marketing in the United States today, he is undeniably a recognized expert on the digital era.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial endeavors began while he was a college student at the University of Texas at Austin, launching his first very first website and generating his very first sale from his freshman dorm room. By the time he graduated, this one online property had ballooned into 500, and a hobby had grown into a real business.

Fast forward to the present day, Ryan is the Founder and CEO of and Founder and Managing Partner of, a digital media and ecommerce group that owns dozens properties including:,, and…just to name a few.

Ryan is the creator of the “Customer Value Optimization” methodology and have introduced and popularized many of the digital selling strategies that modern companies now take for granted.
His company, DigitalMarketer, is the leading provider of digital marketing training and certifications. Its community has over 15,000 paid members, and over a half a million subscribers. The company is on a mission to double the size of 10 thousand businesses by 2020.

Ryan is also the founder and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.

He is also a sought after speaker who has shared the stage with top business leaders and celebrities like William Shatner, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, Daymond John and Dave Ramsey.

Most importantly, Ryan is a proud dad of 4 children, and husband to Emily (to whom he gives all the credit for everything he has ever done). 

Announcing Facilitate Strategy Sessions


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Executive Strategy Sessions with Emotions, Theory, and Practical Application

Strategy sessions are essential to a growing company. It’s not easy to keep your team focused and efficient while the horizon changes daily. Your brain is a pattern recognition machine. It’s almost impossible to explore new ideas, find new conclusions, and discover opportunities when surrounded by the trappings of your daily grind.

You need a change of environment to breath fresh air, wake up your brain and change your view.

Wizard Academy Facilitated Strategy Sessions allow you to stride into that adventure with an experienced and gracious guide. We will walk with you and your team through guided sessions focused on your needs and your team.

Our strategy sessions are broken into three parts: “The Airing of Grievances”,If We Only Had a Wheelbarrow”, and “More like Guidelines”.

“The Airing of Grievances” give your team the chance to air frustrations about things that are broken in the company, systems that aren’t working, or conflicts that is keeping them from accomplishing goals. We keep it short, focused on the things and events instead of people, and we end it with a burning ceremony where we all agree to move forward. This includes a mutual agreement that they will not be brought up the following day. That evening is followed with dinner and wine.

The first half of day two is called, “If We Only Had a Wheelbarrow.” It is focused on getting a full understanding of the company, complications, solutions, and mission parameters of growth and change.

We approach this in four categories:

What is broken that needs to be fixed
What are the proposed solutions and improvements
What is working perfectly and can’t be changed
 What are the potential disaster scenarios

Finish the day with a strategy session we call “More like Guidelines”. Create measurable and incremental steps towards our agreed upon goals.

Throughout this entire day, a Wizard Academy facilitator will keep you on track, prevent rabbit trails and soapboxes, and ensure that everyone on the team is heard.

Your meeting will travel the campus grounds while indulging in small rituals that help the team maintain a sense of wonder and adventure.

Prior to the meeting, we will send out materials you can use to prepare your team for the day. After the meeting, we will follow up with material that keeps your team on track.

What’s Included?

Officially included in your bi-annual sessions are:

An Academy facilitator
Up to 8 fully furnished rooms on campus for one night
Dinner the night you arrive on campus
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner the second day
Wine, beer, whiskey, snacks, treats, and refreshments

The 3 Step Overview

One: Airing of grievances

            Discuss all the things that were frustrating, hindering, and problematic in the last year of the business. Air them, be heard, and burn them to move on.

Two: If We Only Had a Wheelbarrow

What is broken that needs to be fixed
What are the proposed solutions and improvements
What is working perfectly and can’t be changed
 What are the potential disaster scenarios

Three: More Like Guidelines

            What are the measurable next steps and how will we track and know if they are succeeding or failing?

What’s The Cost?

The cost is $30,000 for two sessions per year – $15,000 each – to be scheduled at the beginning of each year.

This can be either paid in one annual fee or in monthly payments.

If you’re already Wizard Academy alumnus, the alumni discount applies! That takes the cost to $15,000 for two sessions per year paid annually or monthly. Just make sure you use the “alumni” coupon code during checkout.

Sign up and pay annually.

Sign up and pay monthly