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Update on COVID-19 and Classes

I wish this was a happier topic. Like little brown puppies tilting into their silver food dishes. Or the hilarity of striped cats trying to jump from slick granite countertops. Or even the drooling giggles of a baby discovering bubbles.

But alas, it’s about the buzzwordy Coronavirus. 


The thing filling your inbox from every company you’ve ever dealt with. All of them assuring you they’re doing everything they can to take precautions. Promising to coat everything in a slurry of disinfectant. To make sure you’re safe.

And that’s good. Companies and schools should be proactive. But for all these measures to be effective, there’s a key component to this equation.


You’re the linchpin holding the wheels on. So here’s the deal; we’re not afraid to cancel classes if we have to. And you shouldn’t be afraid to cancel your trip here if you have to.

People are more important than money.

That’s why if you’re sick, or are being careful, or for any reason are unable to make a class due to the coronavirus, you’re not sunk. We will honor all class registrations as a full credit. 

So be smart. We’d love to see you in class. But if you need to stay home, that’s ok too. Just give us as much notice as you can if you’ve booked a class but need to reschedule your trip.

Balance is everything. For now, we’re still holding classes. But if anything changes we’ll keep you updated.

Be safe.
Wash your hands.
We’ll see you soon.