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Lost Boys Thank You

Congratulations, and thank you!

You are now part of a marvelous tribe of risk-takers and adventurers. We will begin planning our Private 2 day gathering soon, so expect to hear from me then.

It is our honor and pleasure to count you as one of our own.

See you soon.

Sincerely Yours,


I Want to be One of Steinbeck’s 100

Here’s my donation of $150.
Let’s buy this truck!

And as soon as they arrive, please send me my hardback copy of Travels With Charley signed by Vice Chancellor Whittington, Princess Pennie and the Wizard.

Also, be sure I receive my invitation to the big barbecue this spring when the fully perfected Rocinante II will be unveiled.

(And don’t forget to put my name on the plaque
in Rocinante II with the rest of Steinbeck’s 100.)

Here is a list of those who have gone before you.

William Hackett-Jones
Tim Storm
Wendy Coburn
chester Hull
Huntly Ketchem
Daniel Fryar
Erik Eustace
Brad Whittington
Vi Wickam
Joshua Stevens
Susan Koehler
Bertwin Lord
Pat Lincoln
Jonathan Berman
Thomas Dobrez
Melvin Hall
Zachary Smith
Oz Jaxxon
Kate Manger
Steve Burris
Chuck Wolfmueller
Adrian Van Zelfden
Bob Souer
Brian Schimmel
Victor Saad
Rebecca Heston
Joseph Garlington
JD Campbell
Larry Beaverson
Laura McCallum
Marley Porter
Brian Hahn
Mountaineer Publishing
Ryan Deiss
Tisha Mikk
Steve Sorenson
Sue Williams
Brian Schmitt
Dan Wilson
Tom Pellizzetti
Joe Perez
Ken Brand
Dennis Collins
Mark Maurer
Craig Clark
Patrick Sullivan
Oz Jaxxon
Hugh Benham
Gunnar Nilsson
Tom Grimes
Bob Price
D Wayne O’Bryan
Steve Rae
Dan Morman
Ryan Patrick
Michele Miller
Patty Kreuger
Joseph Garlington
Kathryn Redman
Scott Fraser
Griffin Carrison
Tom Bissonnette
Jay Werth
Robin Kressbach
Ron Vissers
Terry Gaudet
Norm Myhr
Dennis Cole
Kelly & Marceda Grillo
Christina Gressianu
Jane Fraser