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Lost Boys

If you’ve found this page, it’s because you’ve been given the link via special invitation! You have three options:

1. You can use the Paypal button below to donate the full $15,000 to become one of the 18 Lost Boys!


2. If you are opting to make automated installment payments towards being a  part of the Lost Boys, you can use this button!


3. And finally, this button allows you to make a donation of whatever number you choose towards the Lost Boys.

Steinbeck’s 100

You’re officially in. You are one of Steinbeck’s 100.

Next summer we’ll hang out, eat good food, drink wine and admire the completely awesome thing we banded together to create.

I’ll email you later to keep you updated on the progress!

VC Daniel Whittington

Tower Update October 2014


Welcome to the October 2014 Tower Update from Wizard Academy in Austin, TX. Your host, VC Daniel Whittington, talks about the reunion, shares insights on tea, introduces you to a friend, and talks about upcoming classes.

Things mentioned in this video:
2014 Academy Reunion
Pu Erh Tea
Savoy Tea Co.
Wisdom From The Academy
Private Academy
Writing For Radio and Internet
Jeff Sexton
Chris Maddock

2014 Reunion Resources

We had a lovely time, drank some wine, learned a few things, and listened to some music. Another successful Academy Reunion is in the books.

Since you spent your time listening and drinking wine (like you should have), we collected the resources from the speakers for you.

Below you will find the downloadable resources we’ve gotten from each featured speaker who sent us their material. Check back to see it updated if something is missing.

Mark Fox Resources

Jeremy Grigg Resources

The Brothers Eisenberg Resources

What To Do When You Arrive For Class

The first time you attend a class at the Academy, it can be a bit confusing as to where to go and what to do. This is a step by step for those of you who need clarification once you arrive on the property! Arrival

  1. Arrive at 16221 Crystal Hills Drive, Austin, TX 78737.
  2. If the gate is locked when you arrive, see your lodging email for the gate code
  3. When you pull into the property, you’ll hit a “T” junction. Turn left and park in that parking lot.
  4. The building immediately in front of that parking lot is the “Welcome Center”.  Proceed into the Welcome Center to get your room card and map to the campus if needed.
  5. If you need a map to the campus before you arrive, you can print one here…
  6. When you exit the Welcome Center, you’ll see a large wall with bells in it on the right hand side. That’s the creatively named “Bell” Wall. The small door in the Bell Wall is the entrance to Spence Manor and Engebrecht House.
  7. If you’re staying at Spence Manor, walk through the entry in the Bell Wall and immediately turn left. That’s it!  The code to Spence is in your welcome email.
  8. If you’re staying at Engelbrecht House, continue on the sidewalk down the hill towards the 14-room mansion at the bottom of the hill.
  9. If you need a map of the rooms at Engelbrecht, you can get one at the Welcome Center or print one out here…
  10. Check in!

Class Day

  1. Get up and enjoy breakfast at Engelbrecht Kitchen.
  2. Check your email for the start time of class
  3. Either follow someone who knows where they’re headed, or consult your campus map for direction to the Tower.
  4. If you’re not sure, head up the hill back to the parking lot
  5. Turn left and follow the signs towards Chapel Dulcinea
  6. At the Garden of Joy BEFORE you get to Chapel Dulcinea, follow the path to the right until it takes you to the “Old Man and the Sea” Statue.
  7. Turn left and enter the Tower through the Art Gallery level
  8. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor (Eye of the Storm Level)
  9. Enjoy Class!

If you get stuck or can’t figure it out, you can reach Daniel Whittington at 512-720-8801 or

Steve Rae

Steve Rae was President of Raedio Inc. owning and operating radio stations in Canada until being bought out in 2011 allowing him to retire from day to day business.

Steve continues to partner with the Wizard of Ads group, an advertising consulting company in Austin Texas and as one of the Senior partners provides direction and assistance to partner teams for clients all over the US and Canada.

He is on the faculty of the Whisk(e)y Marketing School and is a Whisky Sommelier himself. His Scottish heritage seems to assert itself anytime there is a dram of whisky in his hand.

He and his family have lived in Stratford, Ontario, Canada since 1983 and have been active participants in the Stratford community. He is a Past President of the Stratford Rotary Club, is on the Senate of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada. He is known for his auctioning skills as auctioneer at many charity events, is a past President of the Stratford Friends of the Festival, was a founder of Stratford Community Players. He was presented the “Personal Achievement Award” at the Business Excellence Awards by the Stratford and District Chamber of Commerce and serves as a board member of the Stratford Perth Community Foundation. He was the General Director and chairman of the 14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre held in Stratford in 2016.

Steve was a contributing author in “Accidental Magic” published by Bard Press and his book entitled “Exercising Your Imagination, Turning Dreams into Reality” was published in 2003. He is also an accomplished singer, songwriter and performer.

Steve was a member of the third ever class of the Wizard Academy when it was still held in the offices in Buda, Texas.

Lyle Lovett – Pontiac

Lyle Lovett – Pontiac

I park my Pontiac down the hill out in back
Late every afternoon with a coke and a cigarette
And all of the neighbors there
They see a nice old man

And the girl there across the street, she sits on her front porch swing
She never realized what I told her with my eyes
How back in the second war I killed twenty German boys
With my own bare hands

And the woman inside my house, she won’t stop talking
She never says a thing, she just keeps talking
And I might just leave her still after the sun goes down
And I smoke this cigarette

Thinking In Business Whisky 6

Welcome, and thank you.

The Thinking In Business Whisky 6 are present and accounted for. They represent the very best that the Academy has to offer and stand ready to defend the gates of the wine cellar at the cost of their lives.

Laura McCallum
Charles Huthmaker
Lee Wagner
Anna Huthmaker
Jose Perez
Anthony Dina

Thinking in Business Bottle

Your whisky awaits you safe in the confines of the Wizard Academy Wine Cellar to be opened by you and only you.


DaVinci Whisky 6

Welcome, and thank you.

The DaVinci Whisky 6 are present and accounted for. They represent the very best that the Academy has to offer and stand ready to defend the gates of the wine cellar at the cost of their lives.

Wes Ramsay
Jon Tessar
Mark Divine
Adrienne Gaboury
Ann Schrot
Zerrin Yilmaz

Davinci-Bottle copy

Your whisky awaits you safe in the confines of the Wizard Academy Wine Cellar to be opened by you and only you.


Spirit of Ecstasy

In 1911, Charles Robinson Sykes sculpted the form of a woman leaning forward with her arms stretched behind and above her.

Billowing cloth is pressed against her by the wind. As she holds it in her fingertips, the cloth resembles wings.

She’s one of the most famous icons in the world. Six feet tall and signed by Sykes, she’s currently en route to her new home at Wizard Academy.

One thing about Wizzo, he can find treasure. Can you believe this was even able to be purchased? 

This fearless sculpture will eternally fly into the wind that whistles up the cliff on which sits Chapel Dulcinea, Wizard Academy’s famous free wedding chapel. We have the perfect spot picked out. Now all we have to do is pay for it.

Here’s what you get in return for your contribution of $10,000.

1. Two nights in Engelbrecht House and Spence Manor for yourself and up to 17 people of your choosing.
2. A 1-day class taught in the tower for yourself and your 17 chosen.
3. You determine what you’d like to learn; you choose the problem to solve; you control the curriculum.
4. The Wizard will be available to teach, of course, as will most of the Academy’s instructors. Just tell us what you desire and we’ll try to make it happen.
5. All food and drink will be provided by the Academy.
6. Vice-Chancellor Whittington will take your group on his celebrated late-night Tour of Scotland.
7. Your name will appear on the dedication plaque, along with the names of at least 4 other $10,000 donors who believed, as you do, that Wizard Academy was the right place for this girl to fly.

Is this something you can do? Let Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington hear from you by May 26 and all will be as it should be. 512-720-8801