The Wizard Academy has three types of classes that occur during the year.

On-Site Classes are the traditional 2 or 3 day class for which the Academy has become famous. They are taught by some of the most imaginative, ambitious, and courageous instructors in the world. We believe that truly transformational instruction can only take place in person. A combination of tremendous amounts of information and a good night’s sleep are needed for you to integrate new ideas into the truths you already know.

Online Classes transfer basic information from one person to another. We currently only have one online class. Taught by the Wizard of Ads himself, it is focused on Ad Writing.

Special Events are held on the property of Wizard Academy and usually represent one-time events or annual events that are an exception to the typical classes we hold on a monthly basis. Often they are events that you may never get the chance to attend again, or at the very least an annual event like the Academy reunion.

Discovering The Science In Every Art