Dan Roitman

Dan Roitman is committed to enhancing the lives of others through a business that has experienced astounding compounded annual growth of over 70% since 2002, and 105% percent growth in the past year.

He is founder and CEO of Stroll, a Philadelphia-based education e-commerce platform company that has been named one of the fastest-growing businesses in America. Beginning in his dorm room at the University of Maryland, Roitman moved the company to Philadelphia in 2003.  Stroll is a professionally managed organization with over 160 employees whose 2012 sales of $80 million were up from $35 million in 2011.

Roitman holds incredibly high standards for the operation and growth of Stroll. He is actively seeking educational products to sell through his e-commerce platform, with a goal of becoming a $1 billion + business by 2020.

Roitman’s fascination with personal development products began in college when he needed to quickly learn how to build and manage a business. Roitman was able to self-fund the growth of Stroll through his own constant commitment to business improvement and the ability to leverage sophisticated marketing analytics and advanced e-commerce techniques.

Roitman’s proof case is Pimsleur Approach, a once forgotten language learning program that he has transformed into the leader in audio-based language learning. Roitman’s secret is his ability to cost-effectively market the product to consumers through an array of online channels and an in-house call center located in Philadelphia.