David Freeman

David’s not just a teacher –– he’s a writer. As every writing teacher should be.

He has sold or optioned scripts and ideas to Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Castle Rock Entertainment, Buena Vista Television, Hearst Entertainment and others. He co-wrote a film being made this year in China. (He’s been there 9 times.)

He’s been brought in to teach at Pixar, Disney, and at television and film companies around the world. You’ll find the entire list in his bio. (There’s a link at the end of this page.)

David works part time as a high-level drama series consultant to News Corp in India. News Corp, called “Star TV” in India, is the dominant television force in the country. There he helps develop television series which are watched by 400 million people.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) represents the six major Hollywood Studios.  When they hold film conferences in China and Korea, David is their screenwriting and script development instructor.

With one foot in the future, David enjoys contributing to the unceasing evolution storytelling.

For instance, he wrote a 500-page book, “Creating Emotion in Games,” packed with 300 techniques to make interactive storytelling in video games emotionally immersive. It’s had a huge impact on the game industry.

(Do you know of “World of Warcraft,” the largest online game in the world? The President and Creative Director of the company that made it –– Blizzard –– took “Beyond Structure.”) David himself has worked on the scripts for numerous high-profile games.

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