Dr. Lori Barr

Lori L. Barr, M. D. practices pediatric radiology and is the author of the best-seller, Think & Grow Well. 

At University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Lori secured nearly $.5M in national grants while mentoring thousands of doctors. She is published in 37 medical periodicals and 13 books.

In 1999, Dell Childrens Imaging Center was renovated through a $1M Dell Foundation Grant. As Medical Director, Lori reported results that lead to a $25M 2-for-1 matching grant (and over $50M in community support) that built Dell Childrens Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Austin Radiological Association tripled in size and decreased overhead since Lori became an equity partner. She serves on average 18,127 patients and doctors yearly.

Lori helps professionals design freedom into their careers. Her work is featured on Fox, The CW, ABC, NBC, CBS and as she hosts The Doctor’s Mentor Show and The Think and Grow Well Show. She has the ear of leaders, from entrepreneurs to former presidents and first ladies.