Jeff Morris Worldwide Invitational Bocce Ball Court

It’s really pretty simple. A bunch of people are giving $500 each to build the Jeff Morris Worldwide Invitational Bocce Ball Court on the upper lawn of Engelbrecht House.

1. Give $500 and your name will be on the plaque, AND THEN
2. You can attend the Worthless Bastards Bocce Ball event (on a day yet to be named,) OR
3. You can opt for a $500 credit on an upcoming class for which you have not yet signed up.

Let’s do this thing!
Indiana Beagle

Call Daniel Whittington at 512.720.8801 to contribute!

This is the photo of Jeff that will be on the bronze plaque at the Bocce Ball Court. Jeff is the editor responsible for the interior design and layout of the Wizard of Ads trilogy.

I’m expecting Jeff to show up and hang out with us when we play Bocce for the first time together. It’s funner than you think. Think of what you might learn from him.

Want to have your name on this plaque?
Want to play Bocce with Jeff and the other Worthless Bastards?
You know what to do.

Jeff Morris