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While I have been a writer all of my adult life, my web copy­writ­ing career began in 2004, shortly after I was invited to become a Wiz­ard of Ads Part­ner.  By 2006, copy­writ­ing had become my full­time employ­ment.  From June 2007 until Novem­ber of 2009, I worked almost exclu­sively with Bryan and Jef­frey Eisen­berg at Future Now, Inc.

While with Future Now, I have con­sulted for sev­eral For­tune 50 com­pa­nies, par­tic­i­pated in scores of major site redesigns, and have had the priv­i­lege of run­ning or par­tic­i­pat­ing in hun­dreds of split and mul­ti­vari­ate tests of web design, con­tent, and messaging.

In addi­tion to my con­sult­ing and writ­ing, I have cre­ated and taught a peren­ni­ally sold-out copy­writ­ing course called How to Write Pow­er­fully and Clearly, and I co-teach Per­sua­sive Online Copy­writ­ing with Jef­frey Eisen­berg and Writ­ing for the Radio and the Inter­net for Wiz­ard Acad­emy.

Cur­rently, I spe­cial­ize in com­bin­ing con­tent and mes­sag­ing improve­ment with aggres­sive ana­lyt­ics and test­ing as part of a “holis­tic” approach to web­site opti­miza­tion that bridges the divide between Usability/Optimization/Analytics crowd and per­sua­sive copywriting/Content Mar­ket­ing.  I am also a strong advo­cate and prac­ti­tioner of radio-to-web strate­gies to drive traf­fic and leads for local and regional businesses.

If you like what you read here, think my strate­gies make sense, and are inter­ested in work­ing with me, please e-mail me:

jeff at jeff­sex­ton­writes dot com or call me at 850–857-1336

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