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We’ve invited the most colorful teachers of tips and techniques from across the world to share their wisdom with you in a never-ending series of online videos that will put a sparkle in your eye, a spring in your step and power in your fingertips.  

At least one new video will be posted each week containing valuable, time-tested advice from beyond the edges of mainstream thinking. Members of The American Small Business Institute will be the only people on earth with access to this wisdom.

We ask only that you contribute to the degree that you feel our training and advice has helped you to rise in your profession. Insiders who give at least $40/mo ($480/yr.) will have access to more than 52 valuable videos each year. Additional benefits and experiences and access will be available to insiders who contribute at higher levels. (Take a look – above – at what each level offers.)

We believe knowledge is freedom.

We believe you can learn big things quickly when your instructor is experienced, passionate, organized and entertaining.

We believe an expert can teach you – in less than a day – more than you can learn in 4 years of college.

We believe traditional wisdom is often more tradition than wisdom.

We believe in online video.

The American Small Business Institute is the new online video division of Wizard Academy. Fascinating instructors. Priceless information. Valuable insights.

It’s not for people who think they have it all figured out.

Continuing education – such as training you receive to make you better at your job – is tax deductible in the United States.

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