Pegeen Reilly

Pegeen has spent the two decades helping business leaders define their strategic plans and create strong business operations discipline, working with technology teams on program design and execution, building effective teams as a manager and leader, and designing & facilitating leadership development programs. Before entering the business world after law school, Pegeen spent many years working as an actor/singer. As a business leader, Pegeen consistently found her abilities as an artist, communicator and storyteller to be critical tools – these were the game changers, the skills that helped her think around corners.  In her work with other leaders and teams, she helps others identify their innate superpowers and game-changing abilities. 

Why does Pegeen believe so strongly in approaching leadership first from a sense of identity and creativity? Innovation is often a reaction to market pressure, a need to compete. Art, by contrast, comes out of an unstoppable need to create, to build, to express the thing inherently – and uniquely – you. What if you could learn to innovate not from fear of competition but from the sheer joy of creation? What if, instead of trying to fit into someone else’s idea of leadership, you focused on your own voice and looked for those opportunities where your voice is exactly what’s needed to make the best music? What if your business could intuitively keep pace with your customers’ needs and desires because your team was just as diverse as your customers and understood their world personally and deeply? Think about what that could unlock for you, for your clients, for your business. 

Pegeen’s industry experience spans from supporting teams as local as one store in one small town learning a new Point of Sale system to building processes for global high-tech teams at companies like eBay, PayPal and Capital One, to helping leadership teams in nonprofits learn how to operate professionally without losing their sense of mission.

Based in Nebraska, Pegeen continues to be active in the local arts scene, though the demands of her leadership practice means these days she is embracing her role as patron more than performer.

Discovering The Science In Every Art