Peter Nevland

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I left behind my engineering job at Motorola in September, 2002, to follow my dreams on a road called Spoken Groove. I had no record deal or name recognition, but I had Paul Finley, a struggling Catholic guitarist who calls his guitar “Mary.” We started performing for any audience who would listen, giving us front row seats to stories exploding with witty comedy, perseverance through struggle, and compassion for the outcasts of society.

I love stories. I love telling them and hearing them. I’ve performed on countless tours across the U.S., Canada, England, Germany & Australia, connecting with just about every audience imaginable. It never gets old. I haven’t found an ethnic group or cultural segment whose hearts are too different to be mesmerized by passion about what’s important to them. After all, why do we need to have all the right qualifications to pursue our dreams?

Dean Rotbart challenged me to write something in 70 words or less about performing. I used 63 words and did it in 10 minutes. See how it relates to your business…

Performing” – Jan 17, 2008

Everyone quivers and shakes.
They say confidence is all it takes
To capture the roar of a crowd.
But even mistakes and doubt,
When admitted and let out,
Hold the power to make grown men SHOUT with glee.
Children sit still on their mother’s knee.

If you know who you are
And care what they need,
They’ll throw roses at your feet.

Let me know if I can help you get some roses…