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Become a member of The American Small Business Institute and stay plugged in to all the energy and encouragement of Wizard Academy.

For your subscription of $1000/month, you get some amazing things.

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Once a year, we will bring in one or more of our favorite public speakers and experts. Someone like Ze Frank, Ken Robinson, or Simon Sinek. Invitations to this extremely small and intimate event will be limited to monthly subscribers at this level and above.

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Being a Major Donor  means you can stay on campus as our guest when you are in Austin for any reason, be it a family visit, fun trip, music festival, or just to say “Hi”. As long as the rooms in Spence Manor and Engelbrecht House aren’t being used for classes, nuestra casa es sucasa (“our house is your house.”) This access is limited to you and members of your family traveling with you. It doesn’t include co-workers, staff or clients. Sorry.

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You get access to a private monthly webcast that Roy  does for his clients. Normally $1,440/yr.

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Our experienced instructors and celebrity guests will share their insights  in concise videos of 5-20 minutes.

You get access to all the weekly videos created at

We are honored to have you join us on this new chapter of Wizard Academy! We look forward to thanking you in person the next time you are back home on campus.