2014 Academy Reunion Festival – October 9-11



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photo credit – Christin Garneau

The costs on this event have no  Alumni discount. We don’t normally do that, but this is a special one-time event and the fees are to just cover the cost of holding the event!

It’s that time of year again. The time when our people gather in large numbers to enjoy purple coffee, roam the hills of the Academy, and discuss fascinating things.

This year, the reunion is going to be a little bit different. As some of you may know, Austin is well known for its love of turning simple events into festivals. Any excuse for a large party and shutting down the streets! Maybe it’s in the water, because we’ve decided that for our 10th anniversary of moving into the new campus, we would forego a simple one-day reunion and host our very own Austin-style festival of events.

From Thursday, October 9th to Saturday, October 11th, we’ll feature 10 amazing speakers and 3 live bands. Each featured speaker is an Academy Alumni, and the full list is below. We’ve given them the freedom to speak about whatever they like, but the general theme is “The Discovery of New Lands”.

We’ll discuss the future of different parts of business and society, and talk about how we can approach it in true Wizard Academy style, we’ll investigate randomly interesting things with no viable application, and we’ll do it all with wine.

The cost for the class is as follows:

Thursday-Saturday Pass: $1,500 – Room Included
Only 10 of these passes will be available, but you can bring +1 if they’re willing to share your bed in one of the student mansions. 

Thursday-Saturday Pass: $100 – No Room Included
Lunch and dinner and refreshments provided
but you won’t have a room on campus

Friday-Saturday Pass: $100 per person
Lunch and dinner and refreshments provided
but you won’t have a room on campus

Saturday Pass: $100
Hey, you might as well have come Friday-Saturday, because you’re paying for both days even if you come only on Saturday

Eight of the rooms on campus are reserved for the presenters, but the last 10 will go to those happy friends who sign up for all three days!

See you there!

Speaker Schedule:

Tim JohnPress – 9am
Jeff Sexton – 10:30am
Michael Bettersworth – 2pm
Mark Fox – 3:30pm
Musical Jam Session

Bill Segura – 9am
Jeremy Grigg – 10:30am
Bryan Eisenberg – 2pm
Jeffrey Eisenberg – 3:30pm

Music for Evening – 8pm
Brian Douglas Phillips
Jaimee Harris
Daniel Whittington

Roy Williams – 9am-Noon
Dr Nick Grant – 2pm – 5pm

Music for Evening – 8pm
Matt McCloskey