2017 War Room at Wizard Academy; 11/13



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2017 War Room at Wizard Academy; Monday, November 13th.

Last year, you donated to Wizard Academy because you are a kind and generous soul. 

As a thank you, we are holding an invitation only,  one day class for you. There were enough attendees to fill the rooms on campus twice over, so we’re doing it two days.

This registration page is for the day before the War Room Mastermind.

You will have be able to check into your room on campus after 3pm on Sunday, November 12th, but you will need to be out of your room by 9:00am on Wednesday, November 14th.

We’re working on what we’re going to talk about that day, but we know it will be awesome.

As soon as the 18 rooms on campus are full for this one, you will need to choose the other day.