How To Sell More and Feel Good About It – March 29-30



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Wednesday, March 29th through Thursday, March 30th, 2017

You have the solution to your customer’s problem, but you’re not sure how to compete with low cost providers. 

You offer an intellectual service, and people are always trying to get you to work for free.

You’re unsure how to price when value needs to be created while maintaining a competitive price.

Hey! Maybe you’re already doing a great job, just looking to find new ways to expand your income.

 This is definitely the class for you. All of you.

Every business is about selling, and selling is simply a transfer of confidence. How can you transfer your confidence to customers who are willing to pay you money? They need to believe what you believe.

 Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette, (author of  Women’s Code and Happy Woman Happy World) has spent half a lifetime developing a system for Pricing, Positioning and Packaging. 

Beate will walk you through dozens of scenarios to refine your pricing and position yourself in your market. You will also learn how to package your offers in a way that increases their value to the consumer without eroding your profits.

AND Beate will be joined by Dr Richard Grant, an Academy Board Member and one of the foremost experts on Myers-Briggs Temperaments. 

Dr Richard Grant

Learn how to sell people the way they prefer to be sold. 
Dr. Grant, will spend time each day walking us through the basic types of human personality and how it affects the way you talk to customers. 

 Are you ready?

If you know you need to be a stronger seller but you’ve always hated sales training, this is for you.
You’ll be given big ideas and learn how to give them feet and hands. 
You’ll know how to move people by speaking their language.
And you’ll do it all in that wonderful place called Wizard Academy. 
 Surround yourself with amazing people and enjoy amazing wine.

During this training you’ll discover:

Ø  Questions that skyrocket your sales closing percentage (plus a script for team training)

Ø  A single element that matters to your ideal clients even more than your level of expertise 

Ø  A reverse-engineering process you’ll use to find your right price for the 3 specific buyer-types

Ø  A checklist to unblock missed sales opportunities

Ø  A LIVE business model breakdown exercise—this uncovers your specific revenue targets (and gives you the roadmap to get there fast!)

Ø  A proven strategy to greater personal efficiency—we’ll use this to discover your “true” hourly rate, and find the tasks which you MUST stop doing immediately

Ø  The “3 Elements of Price” worksheet 

Ø  The specific steps to deploy a free consultation that converts to cash 

Ø  An “A to Z” sales funnel building session (together, we’ll detail each step in your process—resulting in an automated sales machine for your business!)


Graduating students receive a 50% discount on all other Wizard Academy curricula.

Price for this two day course:


As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

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If you have any questions, you can contact

Daniel Whittington at or 512-720-8801.