Beyond Story’s Grip – April 15-16



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Tuesday, April 15th to Wednesday April 16th

There’s a story for every team….

…where does your story take you?

Organizations of every kind today struggle with the challenges of continuous change in order to remain competitive and even viable.  Although we invest generous amounts of our time, treasure and talent on programs and strategies designed to make the company more nimble and innovative, we often wonder whether our efforts are really producing the substantive changes in culture and performance that we are after.

If expressions like,”the more things change, the more they stay the same”…or…”Same song, second verse” seem to apply to your organization’s change efforts, you are not alone.  Despite their sound rational and analytical foundations, most transformational strategies produce superficial short term change due to their failure to account for the dynamic influences of the company’s unfolding narrative.

Within an organization’s “story” lies an embedded code or script which, when revealed through narrative analysis, sheds light on its habitually self-limiting or self-defeating behavior.  Exposing the unhelpful elements of a company’s current script allows for the removal of the invisible and most tenacious impediments to change, and sets the stage for the emergence of a fresh organizational narrative of vitality and improved performance.

Join other change seekers as we apply the business principles of design thinking and systems thinking to the problem of organizational stagnation and decline.

At the conclusion of this two day adventure, you will have:

*Identified your organization’s unfolding story and script in play

*Walked through a process for rescripting that narrative

*Created a plan to employ those principles and processes in your company’s revitalization.