Bonding as a Branding Strategy – August 29-30



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Wednesday, August 29th to Thursday, August 30th, 2018

How do you advertise if you’re not Apple, Amazon, or Tesla?

Lot’s of advertising advice centers around the “purple cow”, Unique Selling Propositions, or “just creating something amazing” school of thought.

All of that can be summed up as “If you just offer something so mind-bindingly cool, awesome, unique, or great, then you won’t have to do much advertising and the ads you do run will basically write themselves.”

It’s a great strategy if you are, in fact, offering a ground breaking new product or technology. Let’s face it: 99% of what you buy, both in products and services, doesn’t fit that category. 

But you still have preferred brands, providers, and companies. 

Is your car mechanic that different than other mechanics? Your HVAC company? Your plumber? Your jeweler? Your doctor, lawyer, or accountant?

When it comes to craft, is there ever only one major difference between an honest craftsman and a shoddy worker?  So much for a USP, huh?

So how do you craft an indelible, iconic brand in that situation? 


When people bond with your company over shared values and an admiration for your character and honesty, their decision process fundamentally changes.

It changes from a cost-vs-benefits analysis to an identity-based decision. Instead of meticulous comparison-shopping on price and deliverables people use you to declare what kind of person they are.

But people can’t bond with a company; they can only bond with another person. And they can only really bond with them after they know their story and feel as if they’ve gotten to know them.

Bonding as a branding strategy is the art of presenting yourself as a character and telling your story in your ads or creating a fictional character to tell your story

Colonel Sanders is an example of the first method. The most interesting man in the world is an example of the second.

Either way works, and both ways use bonding over traditional branding techniques. 

We will teach you those techniques.


We’ll also teach you:

* How to come up with your brandable chunks — people use recurrent phrases, company’s use slogans. 

* How to tell your origin story

* How to create a character the public will love, and how to provide your character with foils and friends, if necessary

* How to pull people into your ad, so that they absorb the message, but drop the cynicism and skepticism they normally reserve for ads

* How to craft character dialogue that feels authentic, expresses, character, and keeps audience’s entertained

* How to craft a story template that buries your key points in the story set-up for maximum persuasive power

* How to use Sound Effects to pull people into your story at will

* How to harness the power of Para-Social Influence to get people to relate to you as a friend rather than a business.


The cost for this class is $2,500.

If you’re an alumni, use the coupon code “alumni” to get 50% off