Brandable Chunks – May 24-25




Brandable Chunks Workshop
May 24th-25th, 2017

You can feel the old ad strategies and media plans shifting beneath your feet, an earthquake resulting in an all-new advertising landscape.

2017 = media fragmentation, micro attention spans and far too many ads in the marketplace. This is what we’re up against.

But now we have an answer:

Brandable Chunks – the next big thing – is actually a pile of little things.

Conceived by Christopher J. Maddock, the wizard’s original apprentice.
See “Pointing Chris Like a Gun,” The Wizard of Ads, p. 140 (1998)

Developed and tested across hundreds of long-term ad campaigns for more than 2 years by 4-dozen highly skilled Wizard of Ads partners.

Ready – finally – for teaching and sharing with early adopters.

This is a workshop, not a lecture.

Brandable Chunks can be – and should be – implemented in every form of communication. They are not limited to any particular media or form of marketing. Brandable Chunks are highly relevant, highly memorable phrases crafted for maximum retention.

Day 1: GENESIS – Christopher J. Maddock and Jeff “The Professor” Sexton will present the facts, the concept, and several examples before lunchtime. After lunch, they will lead you through a series of assignments, each one carefully crafted to help you identify the raw materials that will become your brandable chunks.

Day 2: ACTION – Multiple assignments with personalized feedback from Sexton and Maddock, each one resulting in greater refinement of your brandable chunks, building upon the initial work you did on Day 1.

You will leave this class
with 8 to 14 Brandable Chunks, highly memorable micro-positioning statements, completely unlike what your competition is saying. Highly versatile, these Brandable Chunks can be used in ads, in social media, on your website, on the telephone and face-to-face. Message recall increases exponentially, relationship deepens perceptibly and results become easier to track due to the fact that each Brandable Chunk automatically functions as a “word flag,” making it easier than ever for you to discover which elements of your offering truly matter to your customer.

Brandable chunks are the secret to bringing your web presence into alignment with your external message (advertising) and your internal message (salespeople and customer service representatives.)

You need to be here.

but worth 10 times as much.

The first 17 registrants will be our guests in Engelbrecht House and Spence Manor – Wizard Academy’s student mansions – at no extra charge.

Wizard Academy alumni receive a 50% discount, as always. (enter “alumni” in the coupon code during checkout)

Questions? Call Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington at (512) 720-8801 or email him at