Branding Highway – October 14-15



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In 1997, there were about 2.5 million brands with registered trademarks.

Today, that number now registers over 10 million.

But, as you probably already know, numbers can be misleading.

What if you popped the hood and discovered millions of companies who claim to have a “brand”, actually possess nothing more than a “badge”?  In other words, what if there is an incredibly wide gap between the very few “brands of distinction” (Apple, Ferrari, Nike etc) and the very plentiful “badges of ownership” (populating up and down the web or Main Street anywhere)?

As you are about to discover, “badges of ownership” are merely interchangeable companies/products/ services reflected by a company name, logo or tagline. On the other hand, “brands of distinction” are game-changing, category killers with plot-driven and story-based characteristics that can be adopted by any enterprise, regardless of size, category or geographic location. As you might imagine these “brands of distinction” far out-distance their competitors in a number of metrics; generating far more horsepower for their marketing dollar and superior bottom-line results.

If you’re serious about more mileage for your marketing dollar, get your motor humming, and head on down “The Branding Highway” for this highly interactive session with international author and speaker Gair Maxwell and Wizard of Ads Group partner Ray Seggern. For two unforgettable days in Austin, you will learn how this unlikely combo of a former Canadian hockey announcer and a rootin’ tootin’ Texan radio host (and TEDex presenter) uncovered timeless universal secrets about why some firms are wildly successful at crafting and leveraging their brand, while others squander buckets of time, money and effort on “me-too” marketing, ineffective ads and struggle to capture the hearts and minds of consumers.

Beginning in 2006 when these counter-intuitive theories were first applied, some independent business owners were astounded to see their enterprises grow more than 10-fold over a 5-year period. Maxwell and Seggern not only had front-row seats, but also foresight to carefully de-construct the creative magic so that one day they could be in a position to teach it back to others as part of a systemized process at Wizard Academy.

 That day has arrived.

In this highly interactive two-day experience, you will learn:

• Specific reasons why most advertising campaigns and marketing efforts yield minimal results with maximum cost

• Five characteristics shared by all “Brands of Distinction” that boost revenues, increase market share and build shareholder equity

• Why your brand exists, what it stands against and who is the primary customer that will be most attracted to your “story”.

• How to capitalize on “unleveraged assets” and use them to sharpen the narrative that becomes the ultimate driver of your brand; dictating all external marketing as well as the actions that shape internal culture and customer fulfillment.

Gair Maxwell  is one of the most in-demand speakers on the North American and European CEO circuit and has graciously agreed to carve a few days out of his packed schedule to come share his wisdom. As one of our favored Alumni from the Great White North he has shared stages with Richard Branson, Kevin O’Leary, and Gene Simmons. Rumour has it he wore stage makeup when he was with Simmons, but no one took photos, so we can’t prove it!

Ray Seggern is one of the most successful Wizard of Ads partners with an impressive roster of clients that continues to benefit from his “in-the-trenches” perspective as an advertising and marketing consultant. Together, from their shared experiences, Maxwell and Seggern will demonstrate why developing a brand involves much more than picking colors, a logo, or spewing “features, advantages, and benefits.” that reek of “white noise” and “ad-speak.”

It’s about finding the human voice that embodies the spirit of your company, its products and services.

And sharing that spirit with the right people who hunger to hear it.

Due to the highly interactive “workshop” nature of this class, enrollment will be strictly limited to no more than 12 companies and a total of 24 attendees maximum.

Cost is $1,500

Alumni discount is 50% as always.