Common Cent$ For Kids; July 21-22



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 A Wizard Academy Parent-Child Workshop

Our children are our future and they must be prepared for what lies ahead.

We’re here to help you do just that. We’re here to help you invest in your child’s future, to help you empower your child to invest in her/his own future.

Understanding money, how it works, and how to make it work for you is the first step in weeding out the seed of poverty consciousness.

Common Cent$ 4 Kids is a fun and interactive 2-day workshop where you and your child will laugh, learn, and discover together the realities and possibilities of money. Yes! parents participate too.

Our instructors will teach and inspire you both, as you learn to:

  • Set short and long-term goals
  • Manage the Four Financial Areas
  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Handle imprints that sabotage the plan
  • Simplify budgets in four steps
  • Brainstorm together effectively

Your instructors are gifted and truly exceptional with young people.

CPA Jean Backus is a money magnate with a flare for decoding the mysterious world of money. She loves money; she understands it. She also knows that play fuels learning and that knowledge trumps fear. That’s why she uses fun and laughter to help you debunk the mystery and angst that enshrouds money. Jean knows that you must understand money to make money and to save money.

Coach Scott Fraser is a renowned coach and mentor of young people. His curriculum leads his students to discover:

  • The leader within,
  • The power of personal integrity,
  • How to set and follow through on their own personal goals,
  • The Six Success Attributes and how to use them.

Your child will use what Coach Scott teaches them for the rest of their life. And you’ll be there when they learn it.

Common Cent$ 4 Kids is open to *12 students, 12-16 years of age.

*Every student must be accompanied by a parent. Price includes both parent and child.


A room in Englebrecht House has been reserved at no charge for each of the 12 parent-child duos. Please know that these rooms have only a single, queen-sized bed and the academy has no cots or trundle-beds or other such things to lend you. If parent and child are uncomfortable sharing a bed, you may want to bring an air mattress or consider staying in a hotel. Sorry, but we’re offering all we’ve got. Wizard Academy is still a very new school and our accommodations are limited. But most people seem to be thrilled with them upon arrival. We’re betting you will be, too.)