Crazy In Love – June 26-27




Wednesday, June 26 through Thursday, June 27

Are You Crazy in Love?

You deserve a romantic getaway at Wizard Academy, and we decided to host it for you.

And we’re limiting it to 18 couples. 

The witty and renowned  Dr. Richard D. (Nick) Grant is a Consulting Psychologist and Marriage Counselor, and previously was a University of Texas lecturer in Consumer Behavior.

Dr. Grant has spent decades studying the patterns of psychology that show up over and over again in human relationships. He is a comforting expert when it comes to personality types and their preferences. Nick will put tools in your toolbox to tame the wild emotions that lead to conflict in relationships.

You will:

–  Refine your communication skills so that relational meltdowns are avoided

–  Discover how your personal preferences play a huge role in relational alignment

–   Learn your strong suit based on your Myers-Briggs type indicator so you learn  the magic formula that will help you resolve conflict, change the cues that lead to conflict, and value the differences in others.

– Learn simple solutions to everyday relational problems

– Learn how to embrace spiritual growth by engaging the side of our personality we find the least comfortable

– Unveil how sexual attraction at different stages of life can be a map for personal change

– Enjoy a truly fabulous 3 nights together. The days in-between will be great, too.


As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact

Zac Smith at or 512-720-8801.

See you soon!