Create Your Own “Be Like Amazon” Playbook – May 17-18




2 -day class May 17th and 18th that includes the afternoon session on Tuesday, May 16th- $2,500

You have a growing business. You worry because it could grow more quickly.

Experts are not consistently helpful. They don’t know your customers.

Digital transformation is frustrating. Customers have their expectations set by companies not even in your category.

As a leader, there are a lot of demands on you. It’s hard to prioritize and maintain a long-term focus when the urgent disrupts the important.

Instead of focusing on competitors, technology or all the changes in your marketplace we help you focus on the things that won’t change. You have to believe that if you deliver a great experience, maintain a reasonable margin, stay focused on your priorities then success is inevitable.

This class will help you create your own Amazon’s Four Pillars of Success Playbook. Your playbook makes the priorities clear to everyone in your company from the boardroom to the stockroom.

The Four Pillars of Amazon are:

  1. Customer Centricity.
  2. Continuous Optimization.
  3. Culture of Innovation.
  4. Corporate Agility.

The Four Pillars make intuitive sense. Yet, how do you incorporate the process within your organization? It is a challenge, it does not happen overnight.

Learn How To Apply The Four Pillars To Your Organization

We’ll start by getting you familiar with The Four Pillars. Then, we will start to work on adapting the Four Pillars directly into your organization’s process.

We’ll get to know you and help you understand how to gather the right data. This is when we’ll help you identify the key input metrics that lead to the right customer outcomes.

We’ll help you craft at least two divergent personas that represent the perspectives of your customers. Then we’ll help you figure out anything that can go wrong in their experience interacting with your organization. Then we’ll help you craft a reverse chronology that details their experience. Finally, we’ll help you create a first draft of a Buyer Legend.

What A Buyer Legend Delivers To Your Organization

Buyer Legends will help your organization to tell stories from your customers’ perspectives. This has a transformative impact. This is the start of a CUSTOMER CENTRIC approach.

We’ll help you get insight into your data. Your team, armed with the data, will identify all the possible shortcomings in our customer experience through a premortem process. We’ll use this time to INNOVATE improved alternative experiences.

Jeff Bezos tells us how he approaches opportunities and refines his offerings. Bezos starts at the end; imagining what it takes to delight a customer. Buyer Legends does it similarly. This part helps your organization realize all the opportunities for CONTINUOUS OPTIMIZATION. We describe the experience from the end to the beginning. After all, all that ends well starts well.

Continuous optimization only happens when your organization has the AGILITY to execute on all the ideas we have in our plans generated by the process. This happens when the organization shares one narrative and all the details are clear across the team.

Look closely and you’ll see that the Four Pillars accelerate each other to create a flywheel that spins at ever-greater speeds. As your corporate culture develops proficiency they continue to learn and adapt nimbly. Do you want to sharpen your competitive advantage?

If so, then you should sign up for this class.

Get Started On Your Own Amazon’s Four Pillars of Success Playbook

The type of success described in “Be Like Amazon: Even A Lemonade Stand Can Do It” can’t be accomplished in a couple of days. It will require a sustained commitment on your part. You won’t complete the work in this class. However, we’ll help you jumpstart the process.

Class Requirements

  1. You must be be an owner or the executive decision maker for your organization
  2. You must have read “Be Like Amazon: Even A Lemonade Stand Can Do It” by Jeffrey & Bryan Eisenberg with Roy H. Williams. If you haven’t read it you’ll fall behind. We have a lot to accomplish.

If you haven’t read the book, you can do so here!

As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

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