The Reality of Created Diamonds – March 8



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Tuesday, March 8th

We now have the ability to create diamonds. It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy, but it’s being done in laboratories all over the world. Real diamonds.

Every jeweler in the U.S. and Canada has an opinion about the future of these created diamonds but their opinions are completely irrelevant. The opinion of the public is the only one that matters.

We now know the opinion of the public.

We’ve spent a year quietly gathering the facts – face-to-face all over the world – and now we’re prepared to share the results of that investigation: Availability of diamonds. Qualities. Prices. Advertising that works. Sales presentations that sing. Brand names that are up for grabs.

Dror Yehuda has spent the past year sifting rumors from facts as he has traveled from nation to nation in search of created diamonds. He has met and negotiated with the owners of several diamond factories that very few people in North America know to exist. He has closely examined and purchased many hundreds of created diamonds.

Any jeweler who attends this workshop will know exactly what to say when they want to honestly and accurately discuss lab-grown, man-made, created diamonds with their customers.

Just as importantly, they will know what not to say.

This will be a one-time-only event and participation will be available on a strictly market exclusive basis.

Only one jeweler per trade area will be allowed to attend.

These are the markets that have already registered:

ALABAMA: Tuscaloosa
CANADA: All markets
FLORIDA: Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton. Mt. Dora, Lady Lake
INDIANA: Bloomington
LOUISIANA: New Orleans
MICHIGAN: Grand Rapids, Detroit, Traverse City
NEW YORK: Albany, Schenectady
OHIO: Coshocton, Mt. Vernon
OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma City
VERMONT: Manchester
WISCONSIN: All markets
TEXAS: Austin, Beaumont, Midland-Odessa, Amarillo

The Reality of Created Diamonds will be a 1-day workshop and symposium in the tower at Wizard Academy on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. Free rooms in our on-campus student mansions are still available for the evenings of March 7 and March 8. (Please confirm availability with )

COST: $1,000