Creating Happy, Hungry, Hyper-Productive Teams (Virtual) – May 22, 2021 Online Workshop



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Saturday, May 22, 2021
10:00AM to 3:00PM CT
Via Zoom

Creating Happy, Hungry, Hyper-Productive Teams

Is your organization off-balance and just not as efficient as it could be? Is the workplace culture derailing productivity? Are the conversations at the top no longer productive? Blame-shifting the norm rather than collaborating? Could you best describe the work environment as toxic?

After participating in this workshop, you will have tools to recalibrate your organizational culture and increase productivity, improve motivation and satisfaction, build collaborative teams, and create new behaviors to create a healthy organization.

Who’s this workshop for?
This workshop is intended for business owners, division leaders, and whole teams.

Prerequisites for the workshop?
This workshop assumes you know your MBTI Type and you are comfortable sharing in order to help with discussion and learning.


If you would like to take an MBTI assessment before class, please email


What will you learn?
10 a.m. First Module:  Knowing and Being Known
  • How stress derails progress and how to manage it
  • Using MBTI as a tool to understand self and others
  • Understanding the dynamics of Type
  • Understanding and managing conflict
Lunch Break

Second Module:  Improving Communication
  • MBTI awareness in communicating
  • Communicating mindfully
  • Lessons on Listening
  • Coaching and feedback of values-based behaviors


  • Share your commitments — AHA break-out sessions

Third Module: Culture: Bringing it into Balance
  • Understanding the ecosystem of teams
  • Imagining change
  • Managing change
  • Commitment to Action

3 p.m. Wrap up


Length: 5 hours – with breaks (lunch, and others).
Enrollment Max: 50 People
1/2 day – 10:00am to 3:00pm CT
Via Zoom
Price: $500*
(*Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)
This class is taught by Eliska S. Padilla and Priscilla Luzader Pipho.


Eliska has a masters degree in strategic communication and leadership, is a Wizard Alumna, and a proven communications and organizational change leader in the higher education and municipal spaces. She has led development of culture and leadership initiatives, resulting in transformative organizational growth and is a wizard at developing learning tools and especially making online learning fun and interactive.


Priscilla earned a masters in public administration and has experience in leadership roles in various state agencies leading strategic planning, culture change, and employee engagement. She has overseen human resources for the state for 20 years and is certified not only in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator but also DiSC Workplace assessments. Priscilla has magical counseling skills and has partnered with leaders and executives through troubling times of managing conflict and building high-performing teams.