Donate $1,000 and Add Your Name in Bronze



We’ll be casting a big bronze plaque pretty soon. On it will be the names of 18 people who gave $5,000 each, and just below those – as an expression of our gratitude for your gift of $1,000 – will be your name, or the name of someone you feel should be remembered. 

The plaque will be on the foundation wall of our new gym in that little grotto beneath the cantilevered overhang. It’s just a few feet off the sidewalk on the way down to Engelbrecht House, just past the turnoff to go to Spence Manor, but before you get to the Rocinante pickup and camper.

The gym should be finished by the end of January. And we already own brand new, state-of-the-art gym equipment, a gift from Brian Clapp.

It’s a wonderful Christmas gift to Wizard Academy and yourself.

Do it. – Indy Beagle