Donate $1,000 and Add Your Name in Bronze



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We’re building the sexiest, coolest, most photogenic gym in the world and we need 18 people to step up and become major donors to Wizard Academy. Here’s what you’re going to get in return for your gift of $5,000: (And if you can’t swing 5k but you want to help, you can still get benefits 1, 2, and 3 for your donation of just $1,000.)

  1. A warm glow, knowing that you brought something amazing into existence. A cantilevered gym!
  2. Your name(s) on an eternal bronze plaque, largely and prominently displayed. (This is a great memorial for any person you want to publicly remember.)
  3. The gratitude and appreciation of future generations.
  4. All the benefits of a major donor to Wizard Academy, including the use of a room in one of our student mansions whenever you’re in Austin (provided we have room available. Classes are usually Tues-Thurs.  Therefore, rooms are almost always available Fri-Mon.)
  5. A life-altering, unforgettable 3 days of exploration and wonder with Roy H. Williams, Princess Pennie, Daniel Whittington and Indy Beagle, April 24-26. And you can even bring a +1 if they’re willing to share your room with you! Remember, though, there’s only one bed.

Below is the gym we’re going to build with your donation. (State-of-the-art equipment has already been donated by Brian Clapp.)  Construction will begin immediately after we receive the blueprints from the engineer for the cantilevered foundation. We plan to have it open by the time you get here for our 3-day adventure. Did I mention that Wizard Academy is a 501c3 educational organization? This means that your donation is tax deductible in the U.S.

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