Dr Nick Grant on Myers Briggs and Spirituality; August 5-6



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Wednesday, August 5th through Thursday, August 6th

This year Dr. Grant was contacted by Notre Dame and specifically asked to speak on Myers Briggs as it relates to religion and spirituality.

Because he is such a gracious and generous instructor at the Wizard Academy, he offered to teach an expanded two day version of that same talk where he could discuss these things that have become a passion for him.

Dr. Grant has spent decades studying the patterns of psychology that show up over and over again in religious texts, famous myths, and typical phases of a person’s life.


For two days, Dr. Grant will give us a guided and personalized tour of personality type (via Myers Briggs) and Spirituality.

He will help us discover the ways that timeless truths found in scriptures, ancient prayers, and famous mythology can change our lives.

In these two days you will:

  • Uncover the surprising connections to modern psychology and personality type that are well referenced and central to Biblical stories.
  • Learn how to embrace spiritual growth by engaging the side of our personality we find the least comfortable
  • Unveil how sexual attraction at different stages of life can be a map for personal change
  • Discover the deep structure that can be find inside historical rituals, prayers, and practices

Everyone who has spent time with Dr. Grant understands that it’s impossible to get bored when listening to him speak. Like some kind of guru combination of Mr. Rogers and Bill Nye the Science Guy, he casually throws out insights that alter the fundamental realities of your life.

He makes leaps of intuition and connection seem natural and common sense like some kind of Sherlock Holmes of Psychology.

If you’ve ever had the chance to hear Dr. Grant cover MBTI as it relates to Joe and the Volcano or MBTI and the Greek Myth of Cupid and Psyche, you understand the kind of insight he can produce from stories you thought you already knew.

You’ll come away from this class with a better understanding of how spirituality is not a definition of something you do, but a description of how your personality relates to the Truths you encounter throughout your life.

After this class, you will make intentional choices based on centuries of knowledge that will improve your relationships and your life.

We are limiting this class to the first 30 people to sign up.

Tuition: $2000
($1000 for grads)


If you would like a small sample of what you’re in for, here is a 20 minute video that Dr Grant shot for Notre Dame at their request!