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Wednesday, November 8th to Thursday, November 9th

Your name, your company, your product and service… these are your brand.

To make them bigger in the hearts of customers, you must make them sharper, tighter and brighter in the mind.

And it’s not that hard to do.

And as Mick says, “In fact, it’s a blast!

Join Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington and Writing School Dean Christopher J. Maddock for a delightful 2 days in the tower where you will define and perhaps reimagine the character arc of your company and the narrative arc of your campaign.

Effective ad campaigns have a character arc that entangles the heart of the customer by allowing them to feel they understand why you do the things you do.

Effective ad campaigns have a narrative arc that engages the mind of the customer, revealing layer after layer of information about your company, your product, and your service.

Well-told stories win the heart, and take people on journeys in their minds. Your customer never goes anywhere until they have first gone there in their mind. Where do your ads take the mind of the customer?

You’ll leave this workshop with copy for the first two powerful ads in your new ad campaign. (If you work hard, you may have ad copy for even more to follow.)

You’ll see and hear awesome, real-world case studies.

You’ll understand why they worked.

You’ll craft the public personality of your spokesperson. (That spokesperson will be magnetic – the talk of the town.)

You’ll determine your Brand Essence and your Brand Voice and begin to create a permanent Style Guide and Copy Bible with Brandable Chunks for a never-ending ad campaign, the kind that has a Narrative Arc and a Character Arc, the kind of ad campaign that works better and better with each passing year. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure what those terms mean. We’ll teach you after you get here.)

2 days/3nights


(returning alumni receive a 50% discount)

Questions: Call or email Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington at daniel@wizardacademy.org or 512-720-8801.

Narrative Arc: a sequence of events that unfold; a continuing storyline that fascinates the mind.

Character Arc: a gradual deepening of our understanding of the character’s motivations, revealed by how the character thinks, speaks, acts and sees the world. The character arc is a character’s inner journey over the course of the story.