Extraordinary Leadership – Dec 5-6



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Tuesday, December 5th through Wednesday, December 6th

“The things that made you a success will rarely take you to the next level.”

– Roy Williams

Does Your Leadership Scale?

Even the most successful leaders like you are being challenged by the relentless compression of time, resources and numbing complexity. Achieve more but do it with less. Be courageous and authentic but don’t take risks, drive change, but keep things safe. With the emergence of a 24/7 global market the demand for highly effective leaders has never been greater.

Extraordinary leadership provides an organization with a sustainable scalable competitive advantage difficult to replicate.

Research from world-renown leadership author Bob Anderson and The Leadership Circle shows a direct correlation between leadership effectiveness and business performance.

  • Top performing businesses have leaders scoring 80% or above on leadership effectiveness.
  • Lowest performing businesses have leaders scoring 30% or below on leadership effectiveness.

Organizations cannot perform at a level higher than the consciousness of its leadership.

Competency alone is no longer enough for leader’s to be effective in today’s dynamic environments. Elevating a leader’s effectiveness requires a complete solution, one that addresses competency (skills and behaviors) and consciousness (mindset and awareness).

In this workshop…

  1. Understanding the Big Picture is no longer enough in today’s business environment. An understanding of a Bigger Picture is necessary to unleash and leverage the full potential of every individual, team or business.
  2. Gain immediately actionable and powerful insights on how to become even more effective using a Universal Leadership Model used world-wide in businesses like Accenture, Marriott, Honda and Universities like Notre Dame and the University of Texas.
  3. Humans by nature have an “immunity to change” and a desire for what’s safe, comfortable and familiar. Learn how to unlock your 8 Gates and free yourself, your team and your business from these inherent conditions and achieve the Next-Level.

Extraordinary Leaders meet the challenges of change and secure a bright future free of fear, ineffectiveness and terminal irrelevance. They fulfill the promise of their highest potential knowing the challenges before them are an affirming wink of Providence enticing them and others towards their dreams.


Tim JohnPress

A seasoned executive coach, business advisor and keynote speaker, Tim specializes in executive leadership development, strategic alignment and organizational performance.  Since 1997 he has led and managed teams and programs in integral leadership, emotional intelligence, high performance teamwork, business optimization and organizational change increasing his client’s capacity for sustainable execution and growth. 

Tim is the Dean of our Wizard Academy school of Leadership.

Dr Richard Grant

The witty and renowned  Dr. Richard D. (Nick) Grant is a Consulting Psychologist and Marriage Counselor, and previously was a University of Texas lecturer in Consumer Behavior. Dr. Grant has spent decades studying the patterns of psychology that show up over and over again in human relationships. He is an insightful and comforting expert when it comes to personality types and their preferences.

Dr Grant is on the Wizard Academy board of directors.

The cost for this class is $2,000.

If you’re an alumni, use the coupon code “alumni” to get 50% off

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