Faerie Cool Summer Camp – June 19-22


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*Monday, June 19th to Thursday, June 22nd; 9am to 3pm
*Performance for Parents Friday, June 23


In this fun, fast-paced class, 8 to 12 year olds delve deeply into the skills necessary to believably create a character to populate our cast of Robin Goodfellow, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Cool mornings outside with movement.

Hot afternoons inside with classwork.

Students will learn character creation – (what goes into building an original character), listening, concentrating, focusing, working together, self confidence, stage elements (costuming, make-up, movement) as it pertains to communicating an original character.

The kids will spend all week working on the play and perform it live on Friday, June 23rd at 5pm.

TUITION: $500 per child. Lunch and beverages included each day.
*alumni rate applies!*

NOTE: No accommodations will be provided for this class. Out-of-town students must be housed in local hotels with their parents OR local students must be dropped off and picked up at start & end of classes.


What is “Robin Goodfellow”?

A fantasy by Aurand Harris, this adaptation by Monica Ballard blends captivating music and lyrical rhyme bringing the you closer to the kingdom of familiar fairies.  The story centers around how Shakespeare’s Puck was challenged by King Oberon to prove his mischief by playing tricks on Queen Titania and two wandering rustics, one of whom ends up looking like an ass!

Fairy Queen