Free The Beagle – June 10-11



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Wednesday, June 10th through Thursday, June 11th

We’re letting an unlimited number of people attend.
Maybe it will be 5. Maybe it will be 50.
Maybe it will be 150. There’s really no way to know how
many people will come to an event like this when
there’s no specific business skill being taught.
But I think you’ll find that unleashing your imagination
has valuable side effects.
Has your mind been half asleep?
Come, we’ll wake it up.

The kids flying over my head?
I found them when I walked into a painting by Daniel R. Cooper,
the brother of a guy who reads the wizard’s Monday Morning Memo.

Be ready for weird, interesting,
brain-stretching curricula.
Some of it might even be useful.
But I promise you’ll go home
having had a wonderful time and you’ll
see the world through different, happier eyes.

Arrive in Austin on Tuesday evening, June 9th.
The Free the Beagle sessions will begin
at 8:30AM Wednesday morning (June 10th,) and end with dinner on Thursday (June 11th).

Wizzo hasn’t taught this class since 2010
because he’s been too busy doing less important stuff.

Attendees will have to get a hotel when the 18 rooms on campus have been filled.

Yes, register right here, right now, and you’ll have
a room on campus for 2 nights on campus!

I asked the wizard to teach my favorite class at Wizard Academy.
Free the Beagle is about unleashing your imagination.

Price for this two day course:


As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact

Daniel Whittington at or 512-720-8801.