Fundraising for Non-Profits – June 5-6



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Tuesday, June 5th to Wednesday, June 6th. 

“In order to reach people no one is reaching

you have to do things no one is doing.” 
– Craig Groeschel

Fundraising for Non-profits, Churches, Politicians and Educational Institutions: The Definitive 12 Techniques

Manley Miller of New Orleans

Manley Miller spent 2 years compulsively dissecting the fundraising strategies used by organizations that are – pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar – the best fundraisers in the world.

Manley reverse-engineered those happy strategies to discover The Definitive 12 Techniques.  You’ll learn those techniques in this course and leave Austin with a fundraising plan that will outperform anything you’ve ever done.

Each of the 12 techniques will be illustrated with real-world examples of how organizations have used them successfully. You’ll learn what to do and, just as importantly, what NOT to do. Once you grasp the 12 foundational principles, your brain synapses will light up like the annual fireworks display of Hoboken, New Jersey on the 4th of July.

You’ll think of dozens of ways to implement what you’ve learned.

You may recognize a few of the 12 Techniques, but others will slap you like a wet trout and make your eyes pop open like Buckwheat on The Little Rascals.

Technique #3 was used by a political organization to double their annual gift receipts from $2.03m to $4.14m in just one year. (we’ve got their tax return to prove it.)

Technique #6 was used by one educational institution to increase from 1 location to 7 locations in just 5 years.

Technique #8 was used by one of the big boys to set all kinds of records when they raised $5 million in 48 hours and $21 million over 5 days all with double-digit donations.

The KEY is understanding that fundraising IS a financial transaction.

Most charitable organizations don’t know what they are providing. Potential donors must understand exactly what they are receiving for their gift before they will open their wallets and extend a palm full of cash.

Many times successful business people are called upon by non-profit and cause oriented organizations to help with fundraising and marketing strategies. Too often these successful business folks struggle to understand the similarities and differences between cause driven marketing and business development vs. profit driven marketing and business development. This class will highlight the differences and similarities and give you a proven strategy to help the cause you have partnered with to be successful.

When boards and directors of charitable organizations lack the funds they need to advance their cause they often switch their focus from leading their organizations to raising operational money. This switch causes bitterness amongst their staffs and volunteers as the organizations shifts their focus from their primary purpose and is perceived to be consumed with raising money. All 12 of these techniques can be applied in a way that doesn’t require hundreds of man hours to pull off.

In the final hours of the course we’ll examine the secret of the masters who learn to stack the 12 techniques on top of one another. Build mind boggling campaigns utilizing 4 or 5 techniques together to keep the resources flowing in so you can make the difference you’ve already seen in your mind’s eye

You know your mission.

Attend this course at Wizard Academy to be able to spend less time fundraising and more time accomplishing that mission.

“Time and money are interchangeable. You can always save one by spending more of the other.” – Pennie Williams

Based on Pennie’s statement about Time and Money, these 12 techniques to raise money must also be the same techniques you would use to raise time. In the non-profit world we call this… recruiting volunteers. This class gives you two miracles for the price of one! You get a dozen proven techniques that can be used to increase both funds and volunteers.

It must be happy hour.

The highest tuition of all is paid to the School of Hard Knocks. Enroll here instead.

Cost $2,000

Acadgrads receive a 50 percent discount at checkout

Register by phone and/or check on the availability of rooms on the campus of Wizard Academy, by calling Daniel at (512) 720-8801

Master the money.

Take back your time.

We’ll teach you how.