Get Rich, Get Skinny, and Get Happy (Virtual) – March 2, 2021 Online Workshop



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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
10:00AM to 4:00PM CT
Via Zoom

This class comes with a money-back guarantee.

Times like this present the greatest opportunities for those that seize them. The question I have for you, “Is 2021 going to happen to you, or are you going to happen to 2021?”

Who’s this class for?

If you’re unsure how to get back on track, feel a little uncertain and rudderless, or are frustrated because your plans got blown to smithereens, then this day is for you.

If things are going well for you and you want them to continue that way, this day is for you.

If you enjoy goal setting, are inspired by others, this day is for you.

If you already get up every morning and do a little bit of the right things, no matter what that is, with no deadlines or finish lines, this class is NOT for you.

What will you learn?

The sun was warming me as the breeze meandered by. I stared out over the glass-like surface of the bay. Then it struck me. Everyone had achieved their long-term goals.

Five years earlier, these were dreams. I was facilitating my goals group, and everyone had just completed the long-term planner tool and had started building their vision boards for the next year and beyond. Nobody in the group knew how or when they would achieve these BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). All they knew was life would be much better when they did.

One sold an investment property and took the family on a vacation of a lifetime while putting four kids through high school and University. Another left the job he was comfortable with but stalled in and started an exciting new position. Stephen became a Wizard of Ads partner who stares out on Georgian Bay every day. I left a job I’d come to hate in the end for one I love.

The crazy thing is, somehow, we all achieved what felt like at the time an impossible dream. What stories are you going to tell five years from now?

You’ll learn how to

  • Set five and ten-year goals with complete confidence
  • Create a daily focusing system to keep you pointed toward your North Star
  • Accomplish goals in less time
  • Adjust an achieve balance
  • Live life without regrets
  • Avoid the mistakes that cause others to say goal setting doesn’t work
  • Create more lucky moments
  • Plan the best vacation ever
  • Build an unbelievable bucket list
  • Join the One of Them Club

If you’re familiar with your Myers-Briggs type:

If you’re an E, you’ll get the chance to express and share your ideas.

If you’re an I, you’ll have the time for thoughtful consideration.

If you’re an S, you’ll learn how to build physical representations of your goals.

If you’re an N, you’ll construct a big picture.

If you’re an F, this will help you create the structure and balance.

If you’re a T, this training will help you focus on key relationships and think about the areas you know you’ve been ignoring.

If you’re a P, you’ll learn why the journey is just as much fun as the destination.

If you’re a J, you’ll gain the tools and the systems to use over and over again.

To achieve a great online experience, our Rules for this course are:

One attendee per device. No device sharing.

Cameras on during breakout sessions.

We’ve limited enrollment for your benefit. We have maximized the facilitator to attendee ratio so that everyone can see everyone else during breakouts.

We expect everyone to play full out. When you do, you’ll get the most back.

Length: 6 hours – with breaks (lunch, and others) 5 hours of class time.

Enrolment Max: 50 People

1 day – 10:00am to 4:00pm CT
Via Zoom

Price: $750

(Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)

This class is taught by Gary Bernier, Jeff Sexton, Stephen Semple, and Peter Neveland.