How to Create Online Education for Customers and Employees – August 10-11



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Wednesday, August 10th through Thursday, August 11th

“No one changes their mind. What looks like someone changing their mind is actually someone making a new choice based on new information in their head.” ~Roy Williams

It is time to get it in their head.

The business owner’s threshold for simple, interactive, disconnected learning, multi-location management, onboarding & online customer engagement is being presented at the Wizard’s Academy by Rich Carr.

This powerful blend of Sales, Technology, & Competition is active in more than 44 countries, 8 languages and representing companies such as Haddad, Levis, Nike, Rookie, Hurley, Converse, franchise companies, restaurants, construction, agriculture, sales and more.   There are 14+ Powerful Principals he’ll demonstrate, outline & explain over two days at the Academy for both employee and customer engagement in your industry.

Rich is currently writing a book called “The Salesman’s Guide To World Peace” focused on teaching you how online training, compliance and education elevates your business measurably and unfolds new levels of marketing and step by step story telling.  The book also reveals how retail sales and classroom education are using these principles for better retention, vertical selling, goodwill, and employee advancement.

Roy combines the practical implications of online education with his “We Believe” approach to tribal marketing, and shows you how to implement the content and strategy in a way that captures the hearts and minds of your employees and your customers.

The course draws on the processed parallels of how we learn and how we’re marketed to most effectively.

When you educate people online, you’re focused on your customers gaining intelligence. Giving your customers the chance to have an “aha” moment involving your industry and product is the connection that makes you personally relevant.

Whatever product you are working on, it’s a mistake to take the old school route of “overcoming objections” in order to win a sale, make a point, make something relevant to another. If you focus instead on teaching and sharing information, you allow the individual to come to their own conclusions while positioning yourself as an expert on the topic.

Snobby coffee shops try to convince you what coffee you should be drinking. Starbucks lets you be the king by ordering your coffee, your way, your size & temp.  Like Starbucks, the student of this class walks away as one savvy cat.

Spend two days with Rich Carr and Roy Williams talking about online education and marketing, and you will walk away one savvy cat.

Graduating students receive a 50% discount on all other Wizard Academy curricula.

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As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

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