How To Get and Keep Customers and Clients – November 10-11



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Tuesday, November 10th through Wednesday, November 11th

Own your own business? Ride for a brand? Work as an independent consultant?

Maybe you’re a media rep who considers yourself—or would dearly love to be—more than an order taker? Or… perhaps you’re in direct sales and don’t want to be that person whose friends and family avoid eye contact?

All of these involve their own combinations of risk and rewards, but they all have one thing in common. 

You have to find customers. Then you have to keep them.

How you attract people determines the kind of customers you are going to have. Do you double down on coupons, last-minute specials, and “act now” strategies? That’s going to bring in the type of customer concerned more with “winning” the interaction than falling in love with your business. 

A business that plans to be around for a lifetime needs to win lifetime fans.

With superficially different personalities and styles—but several surprising similarities—Wizard of Ads Partners Tim Miles and Ray Seggern are going to teach you how to win fans and keep them for a lifetime. They both have extremely successful consultancies by any measure, and they’re going to give you an exclusive peek behind their respective curtains.



Tim Miles is weird, but his clients say it’s a good weird. (As Roy asks, “Why is it everybody wants their children to be normal but no one wants them to be average?”)

His marketing practice based in Nashville

  • has never solicited business,
  • doesn’t choose new clients based on their revenue,
  • has a waiting list for new clients,
  • doesn’t specialize in a particular business category,
  • won’t work with corporations,
  • has turned down more business in the last year than its accepted,
  • has grown approximately 3800% since he joined Wizard of Ads as a partner in 2004.


Tim cares about people. And his approach to getting and keeping customers is about taking care of people

Tim helps his clients in every facet of their marketing using his First Order of Business methodology. It’s a holistic approach that includes goal-setting, values-uncovery, strategic planning, customer experience, employee engagement, message development, and media planning and placement for the nine different kinds of media.

You didn’t know there were nine?

See… weird.

But, as Academy Cognoscenti David Freeman says, “The goal of life is to take everything that made you weird as a kid and get people to pay you money for it as an adult.”

Tim did. So can you.


His first entrepreneurial adventure was selling cinnamon toothpicks on the playground in fourth grade.  He started a record label in his garage in college. He ran radio stations for a decade and has produced major concert festivals that drew over 30,000 attendees.

And for the last 15 years, his true passion and purpose has been helping mom and pop maintain a toehold in the modern economy.  He does this inside the Wizard Of Ads Group as a business and marketing consultant to 40+ business owners across the US and Canada, and also through his entrepreneur-themed “One Man Brand” radio show which airs weekends on Austin’s news-talk station 590 KLBJ-AM.

Attendees of this class will get the first peek at Ray’s second book, “Building The One Man Brand,” due in October.  

Ray is all about the big ideas, while also realizing ideas can be overrated: “We never suffer from a shortage of good ideas, but we routinely realize we have inadequate resources to go implement the great ideas we already have.”

For Ray, the big three are Strategy, Message and Budget, and you have to get those right first.  Strategy means having a plan, and then messaging that will stand out from a cluttered marketplace. And then in the budget, how can we identify the highest and best use of whatever resources we have.

For two days, Tim and Ray are going to walk you through the fundamentals of building your business around customers that will stay with you forever.

The cost for this class is $3,000. Upon registration, you’ll be given access to a private Facebook group with Ray, Tim, your fellow classmates, and even a few special guests. Your instructors are ready to begin, and the sooner you register, the more access and attention you’ll have.

If you’re an alumni, use the coupon code “alumni” to get 50% off

The tuition is $3,000. 

As always, alumni get 50% off. 

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If you have any questions, you can contact

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See you soon!