How To Get Things Done



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Tools, apps, services, and resources to improve your business and your life

There are so many apps, services, marketplaces and platforms available to businesses that making the right selection can be overwhelming.

The landscape is constantly changing, and the resources available change just as quick.

David McInnis and Andrea Reindl are going to spend two days to helping you choose the right tools to get things done and boost your productivity in a safe no-pitch environment. 

Save yourself tens of thousands of hours by attending this class. Learn where the experts are buying or acquiring web traffic. Navigate ad marketplaces to discover the best opportunities for your business. Choose the right marketing automation, content management, content workflow, project management and CRM platform without risking thousands of dollars and countless hours of frustrating sales pitches. We even cover mobile apps.

You will be more productive by attending this course. Your kids will like you more. You’re teeth will be whiter. You hairline will stop receding.

We may even have a few famous guests, and each presenter will explain why a tool was selected and provide quick start tutorials.

This is not a sales event. Presenters are not allowed to pitch products or services they sell, represent or for which they provide consulting services.

This class is only to help you be more productive accomplishing the goals you set out for yourself and your company.

This class will only be held once a year at most, so register quickly before the rooms on campus disappear!