How To Sell Upscale Products – June 22nd



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June 22nd, 2017

One Day, Two Nights!

How do you sell upscale products or services, especially in our changing economy?  The same way people have successfully been doing so since time immemorial:  with language that has a sense of glamor, mystery, and magic; with messaging that doesn’t just tell people “what,” or “how,” but strongly communicates “why.”

Wizard Academy, in South Austin, is a business school that specializes in teaching you the foundations of how people think, act, and operate to help you better connect with your customers and clients.

Normally we spend two days and charge a significant amount of money, but our true passion is helping independent entrepreneurs become more successful. Because of that, we felt we could provide you a step in the right direction with a one-day course focused entirely on how to sell upscale products.

The cost is $500/person but the alumni discount applies! 

We will stop accepting people when we hit the 30 person mark and the first 18 get a room on campus.

Click here to register for the next one or contact Vice Chancellor Daniel Whittington at 512-720-8801 or for more information