How to Win the Attention of Google – Feb. 20-21



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Wednesday, February 20th through Thursday, February 21st

Natural Language Processing and the Future of Search

You already know the importance of headers, titles, and metatags.

You also know that keyword stuffing, buying links, and doorway pages are no longer effective. Google has learned how not to be fooled. This is bad for scammers, but good for you IF you understand how search engines analyze sentences.

Did you know the same things that surprise Broca’s Area of the brain and impress the Central Executive of Working Memory also get the attention and win the confidence of search engines?

Natural Language Processing is at the heart of this course.

Your instructors will be world-class experts who are so accomplished that they can make impossibly difficult concepts easy to understand. As an example, TF-IDF (Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency) is one of the many things that will not only be clear to you, but will become a tool you will be able to use.

Are you ready for this? (Make sure you’re sitting down, because this next part is going to blow your mind.) Your efforts to improve your web copy will receive instant, online feedback from the back end of one of the world’s largest search engines. It is going to grade your attempts at writing web copy using Natural Language Processing, then tell you the precise degree of confidence it has that you are the expert it has been seeking for the top of page one.

You will learn more, faster, than you ever dreamed possible, because it won’t be the instructors who give you detailed feedback about your assignments.

It will be the search engine.

DISCLOSURE: This class will be videotaped for public distribution. If you’re not willing to be on camera, do not attend this class. Just wait until the videos are released in mid-2019.

Your instructors will be Cedric Yau and Mikhail Voloshin.
Cedric Yau and Mikhail Voloshin were roommates at the University of Illinois in the late 90’s where they majored in Computer Science and dedicated their graduate school years to artificial intelligence and neural networks. 

A former Googler and contributor to Microsoft Speech Recognition Research, Voloshin is the author of Dopamine, a cyberpunk thriller.  Yau has served as a hedge fund data analyst as well as being a Broadway Producer and creator of BallerYoga. 

Together, as principals of WOA+YOW, they create business solutions that blend digital strategies with the teachings of the Wizard of Ads. 

2 days, 3 nights.
returning alumni receive a 50 percent discount, as always

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