How to Write Banter, Dialogue and Repartee – May 15-16



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Wednesday, May 15th to Thursday, May 16th, 2019

What has the power to make you ignore your true love, the most important person in your life?

The conversation of two strangers at the next table.

Most conversations make your eyes glaze over before looking for the nearest exit. But fascinating conversations  keep you listening for what happens next. Can you remember the last ad that captured your attention like that?

Ten years ago, consumer behavior research firm Yankelovich confirmed that the average urban citizen is bombarded with more than 5,000 selling messages per day. And that was before the smartphone. Last year a Nielsen Company report revealed that US adults spend more than 10 hours a day consuming media.

Dialogue, banter and repartee cut through the noise. They are the flashing knives that create captivating conversations crowded restaurants. But only if you do know how to sword fight.

Put an ad into the mouths of two people instead of one, and it’s still an ad. It’s not dialogue. It’s not banter. It’s not repartee. It’s Ad Speak.

  1. Real people never talk like ads.

  2. The most fascinating people engage in repartee.

Ad Speak insults our intelligence.
Casual conversation bores us.
Repartee rivets our attention.

Repartee is the personality-revealing banter between characters who actually have personalities. And you can put it in radio ads, TV ads, email, direct mail, web copy, any medium you choose.

Screenwriting coach David Freeman says you can’t learn to write screenplays by watching movies. You’ve got to read good screenplays. And you can’t learn to write banter by listening to ads. You’ve got to study excellent fiction.

Students who learn How to Write Banter, Dialogue, and Repartee will cast a hook into the depths of literature and reel in the principles for crafting conversations that keep readers reading and listeners listening.

What to expect in this class:

Roy H. Williams will give you examples of repartee in advertising and list the mistakes to avoid. He’ll then turn it over to a pair of brilliant fiction writers, Gordon Atkinson and Brad Whittington, who will give you step-by-step instruction and lead you through a series of exercises. You – yes, you – will then craft dialogue, banter, and repartee between fictional characters, present your work to the class, and get feedback. [This is an incredibly SAFE environment in which to flex your new muscles. You’re going to have an amazing amount of fun in this class.] In the final session of the second day, Roy will return to lead you through one last exercise in which you will craft a repartee-based ad to be used in the medium of your choice. And then you’ll receive encouragement and suggestions. 

Or maybe we’ll all just stand and applaud. 

The cost for this class is $2,500.

If you’re an alumni, use the coupon code “alumni” to get 50% off