How To Write Direct Response Ads – May 6-8



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Tuesday, May 6th to Thursday, May 8th


The Wizard of Ads Partners met in Downtown Disney for the express purpose of seeing La Nouba performed by Cirque du Soleil. We were there to study the art of rapid distraction; a proven technique for gaining and holding attention.

Gosh, that could be pretty useful in advertising, don’t you think?

Jeff Sexton, the man kissing his wife in the photo above, behind the hand of Adam in the blue tie-dyed shirt, has long been recognized for his ability to reverse-engineer complex processes and explain them in a simple, step-by-step way. So I asked Jeff to stay up all night after La Nouba to prepare a complete deconstruction of the show that he would present to the rest of us the following morning.

The man in the blue checked shirt at the left edge of the photograph is not a Wizard of Ads Partner. That’s Dennis Collins, a member of the board of directors of Wizard Academy. Dennis lives in Orlando and asked if he could crash our meeting. And since the partners had extra tickets for La Nouba, we asked Dennis and his wife, Barbara, to join us for dinner and the show.

I’d already prepared a presentation on Direct Response Ad Writing to be shared with the partners the following morning, but no one had any inkling that Direct Response was to be the topic of our meeting in the Riverboat Penthouse overlooking Downtown Disney.

Jeff went first and rocked our world. Dennis was spellbound, along with the rest of the partners.

Following Jeff’s tour de force, my own presentation appeared to be nothing more than a series of examples of the techniques already detailed for us by Jeff. One would have thought we had compared notes and coordinated our presentations. Frankly, I had no idea that Jeff was going to extract from La Nouba precisely the same techniques I was about to share with the partners. I honestly didn’t see it coming. It was weird. It was a magical moment.

Dennis said, “You have to offer this as a class at Wizard Academy.”

I looked at Jeff. “Are you willing?”

“Of course,” he answered.

Attend this class. Learn things.
Use those things to increase your traffic, your call count, your sales opportunities.

Or you can stay at home and assume you already know this stuff.

But I promise you do not.

You’re going to see and hear a lot of successful examples and do a lot of writing in this workshop. And some of that writing is going to be presented and evaluated and refined in front of the whole class. It’s going to be a head-spinning adventure. Fortunes will be born that day. And it’s highly likely that some of the people who make those fortunes are going to make big donations to Wizard Academy in the future.

That’s why Jeff said yes. He loves this place, as do I.

Wizard Academy is a school for the imaginative, the courageous and the ambitious. Don’t come unless you’re all three.

Three Days/Four Nights.
Alumni receive a 50% discount, as usual.
It pays to be a member of the tribe.
The first 16 to sign up will get a free room in Engelbrecht House or Spence Manor.
The last 2 of the 18 rooms on campus will go to Jeff Sexton and a surprise, celebrity guest who’s made a fortune using direct response ads online.

We will accept only 48 people in this class. Thirty-six of those will have to rent hotel rooms but they’ll still be envied by those who waited too long to register and got left out in the cold.

There’s no money in the cold.
Nothing grows in the cold.
Come into the tower where
it’s richer and warmer than hot chocolate.
The view is amazing and your companions will be fascinating.
Life comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.

What have you decided to do?

Vice-Chancellor Daniel Whittington is waiting by the telephone to answer your questions. His direct line is (512) 720-8801. Or you can email him at