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kermit_sketchIt’s a slender volume and small. Lovingly crafted.

Kermit the writer published many books but this is the only edition he signed. Every copy, individually, 96 years ago.

The wizard has 35 copies.

The academy needs to gather up some cash for major projects and events in 2017, so here’s what the wizard feels that you and he should do together:

You donate $2,000 to Wizard Academy. (We’re a 501c3 educational organization, so yes, it’s tax deductible.)
The wizard sends you a copy of Kermit’s story about his father, Theodore, autographed by Kermit himself.
Whittington commissions an oil painting of Kermit to hang in the tower and an extremely cool bronze plaque bearing Kermit’s image to be part of The House of the Lost Boys.

Then, in 2017, we’re going to have a 1-day event that only the 35 people who donated $2,000 will get to attend.

kermit_iiiThere won’t be enough rooms on campus, so you may have to stay in a hotel, but we’ll eat great food, hang out together, have a couple of life-altering learning sessions in the tower and MAYBE, POSSIBLY a special guest.

The wizard recently learned that Kermit’s grandson, Kermit Rosevelt III, is a law professor and a Constitutional scholar. And like his grandfather, he’s a writer of fiction and nonfiction. Cool huh? We’re going to invite him to come and speak about whatever he wants at this event. We’ll also unveil the portrait and the plaque of his grandfather.

Maybe he’ll do it. Maybe he won’t. But we’re definitely going to invite him.

Your autographed copy of The Long Trail is going to look fabulous on display. It’s small and gorgeous and romantic.

Sort of like Wizard Academy.

Your school.

Since this is a donation and NOT a class, there is no alumni discount. Sorry. 🙂